DESERTED FEAR - Drowned By Humanity Album To Be Released In February; Details Revealed

December 3, 2018, 8 days ago

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DESERTED FEAR - Drowned By Humanity Album To Be Released In February; Details Revealed

Deserted Fear will release their new album, Drowned By Humanity on February 8th via Century Media Records.

In just a decade, Deserted Fear have grown out of death metal's underground in a rapid tempo. Today they vividly teach the meaning of fear to their international fellows. Not only that their last work, Dead Shores Rising, climbed into the Top 50 of Germany's album charts, they even played their distinct groove into the hearts and ears of thousands with a steady and overwhelming live presence in Europe and on countless festivals. Not to forget the impressive list of club shows: Wherever they made trouble, they always came off as winners of the night.

On February 8th, their fourth studio album, Drowned By Humanity, will hit the streets. For the first time Deserted Fear hoist the sails off to emotions, establishing a forcing contrast to their gigantic groove grenades. Deserted Fear create spaces that make your mind exploring itself. And that's also the lyrical content of Drowned By Humanity: Question society. Environment, downfall and departure. In a forthright storm of blasphemy Deserted Fear remind nature protection and exhort the carelessness of people. The young and wild latitude is still on fire, while their grown-up earnestness alter the course.

This time none other than the Swedish producer Henrik Udd took them by the hand. He paid his dues in world famous Studio Fredman that stands out for inventing the Swedish death metal sound with bands like In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork and Arch Enemy.

Feeling the power and endless energy to glide into new worlds that evolve out of fascinating creativity. Drowned By Humanity is such a bloodcurdling refreshment.

Drowned By Humanity tracklisting:

"All Will Fall"
"An Everlasting Dawn   "                   
"The Final Chapter"
"Reflect The Storm"
"Across The Open Sea"
"Welcome To Reality"
"Stench Of Misery"
"A Breathing Soul"
"Sins From The Past"
"Scars Of Wisdom"
"Die In Vain" (bonus track)
"Tear Of My Throne" (re-recorded)

More info on vinyl colors and pre-order will follow soon.


Manuel Glatter - guitar, vocals
Fabian Hildebrandt - guitar, bass
Simon Mengs - drums

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