DIAMOND HEAD Guitarist BRIAN TATLER On METALLICA's Garage Inc. - "The Royalties Have Changed My Life A Lot"

May 25, 2019, a year ago

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DIAMOND HEAD Guitarist BRIAN TATLER On METALLICA's Garage Inc. - "The Royalties Have Changed My Life A Lot"

Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler recently spoke with Louder Sound and revealed the 10 albums that changed his life. Following is an excerpt from the rundown.

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality

Tatler: "The power of the riff came through to me on this album. It's another classic 70s album full of killer riffs: 'Children Of The Grave', 'Into The Void', 'After Forever', 'Sweet Leaf',' Lord Of This World'. I stole lots of things from Sabbath, and from this album in particular. I love the way the riffs churned while Ozzy would sing a brilliant top line, and I think that was very influential to Diamond Head. I'd come up with a riff, and it would then be up to Sean (Harris, original Diamond Head singer) to sing a lyric and a top line. I could never work out why Sabbath sounded so much heavier than every other band, but this album was the first album recorded in dropped C sharp (an alternative guitar tuning with a heavier tone). It's a common occurrence now, but back in 1971, it was groundbreaking so if I tried to play along with it, I couldn't. It took me years to figure that out!"

Metallica - Garage Inc.

Tatler: "This album came out in 1998 and sold over five million copies. It contains four Diamond Head songs, and the royalties have changed my life a lot. I bought a house with my wife, and the constant flow of royalties mean that I no longer have to work.

In 1998, I was visiting our drummer Karl in San Francisco, and I got a call from Lars Ulrich, who invited us to come and visit him at The Record Plant studio in Sausalito, California, where Metallica were recording Garage Inc. Lars showed us around and treated us to a playback of 'It's Electric', that they'd just recorded. Later on we drove back into San Francisco to celebrate, and l asked Lars how many copies the record would sell. And he said, 'this is probably going to sell five million copies, based on the the last few. So the beers are on you!'

To get four songs on a Metallica album... I've been very lucky there. It's just the way it is. They did great versions of our songs. They are very tight and make it rock. They introduced Diamond Head to millions of American fans that didn't know Diamond Head, because we had never toured the US back in the day. I sometimes think of some of the other NWOBHM bands that didn't get covered. It could have been Angelwitch. It could have been Tygers Of Pan Tang. I'm just very lucky."

Read the complete rundown here.

Diamond Head released their new album, The Coffin Train, via Silver Lining Music on May 24th. At once fresh and exuberant while also being a stone-cold classic slice of old-school heavy metal excellence, the record is packed with the sort of riff-fueled power that founding member Brian Tatler led a genre and influenced the odd band or two with.

To mark the full-length release, the band has released the highly anticipated and thought-provoking video for the title track, "The Coffin Train"; produced and animated at All 4 band Motion & Design Studio under the visionary direction of Maria Goruleva. Watch below.

On the track, Brian Tatler comments: “I am very proud of this song and it’s my favourite from the new album. It is one of the best songs I have ever co-written and cannot wait for people to hear it. I love dynamics and mood changes in songs and this has it all for me. From the clean, tension building verse, stepping up for the bridge then dropping into a massive heavy chorus. At just over six minutes it’s an aural feast."

“Easily the best song on this record.” continues Rasmus Bom Andersen. “We put so much effort into making this a true Diamond Head song from start to finish and we hope our fans feel the same.”

“Pure Class, slows the pace down. Fans and newbies will appreciate the choice of Brian’s guitar work. Guitars, groove, harmonies and hooks abound, as this track rumbles along until it reaches its thundering finale. Take a seat…,” concludes Karl Wilcox.

In advance of its release, the band are issuing a series of video clips discussing The Coffin Train. In this clip Tatler talks about his favorite track on the record.

Formed in 1976 under the riff-rolling leadership of guitarist Brian Tatler, Diamond Head would quickly establish themselves as a vanguard of the exploding New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. With their genre-defining debut album Lightning to The Nations, Diamond Head became the band who influenced and opened gates for many metal bands.

The Coffin Train, Diamond Head’s eighth studio album, is a glorious testimony to Diamond Heads’ masterful ability to create the flavours necessary for a classic album. The songs were written between tours and recorded in several different places: guitars, bass and vocals at Vigo Studios in Walsall, drums at Circle Studios in Birmingham, produced and mixed at Ras’ Raw Sound Studio in London.

When it comes to the concepts behind The Coffin Train, Tatler left the heart to Ras, who being a thinker and life-conceptualizer, doesn’t lack sources of inspiration. Diamond Head have not only managed to create an album of pure heavy metal intensity, they have created a timeless aural statement which feels destined to see them delivering both The Coffin Train and DH 2.0 to more fans than ever.

Is it really that electric you might ask? Oh yes it certainly is!


"Belly Of The Beast"
"The Messenger"
"The Coffin Train"
"Shades Of Black"
"The Sleeper" (Prelude)
"The Sleeper"
"Death By Design"
"Serrated Love"
"The Phoenix"
"Until We Burn"

"Death By Design" video:

"Belly Of The Beast" video:

Diamond Head will be touring Europe for most of 2019 and are confirmed on the lineup of two very special UK shows with NWOBHM giants, Saxon, which will take place on October 19th at the iconic Hammersmith in London and October 20th at the O2 Apollo in Manchester.

Diamond Head tour dates:

21 - Hellfest - Clisson, France

26 - Camp Bestival - East Lulworth, UK
27 - Rock & Blues Festival - Cambridge, UK

3 - Wacken Open Air - Wacken, Germany
24 - Stonedeaf Festival - Newark, UK

19 - Hammersmith Apollo - London, UK (with Saxon)
20 - O2 Apollo - Manchester, UK (with Saxon)

7-10 - Hard Rock Hell Festival - Great Yarmouth, UK
16 - Cornwall Rocks Festival - Looe, UK
29 - Winterstorm Festival - Scotland, UK

Diamond Head lineup:

Brian Tatler - lead/rhythm guitars
Rasmus Bom Andersen - vocals
Karl Wilcox - drums
Andy "Abbz" Abberley - rhythm/lead guitars
Dean Ashton - bass, backing vocals

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