DISAVOWED Ink Deal With Neurotic Records

August 9, 2006, 13 years ago

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Neurotic Records (www.neurotic-records.com) has issued the following update:

After brief negotiations Neurotic Records announce the addition of Dutch based outfit DISAVOWED to its ranks. After no less than five years Disavowed is ready to record the follow up to their, to this date highly acclaimed, 2001 debut Perceptive Deception. The as of yet untitled album will be recorded in September, and a few song titles to appear, in no particular order are: 'Dogmatic Conceit', 'The Veils Of Misconception' and 'Biased Existence'.

Ruud Lemmen, founder and owner of Neurotic Records commented: "Disavowed have always been a favourite of me personally. I've seen at least a dozen of their shows from small back-alley cafes to established festivals. Disavowed simply never ceases to deliver with extreme precision and great enthusiasm. Forced with a new drummer Disavowed is armed and ready to reclaim what should have been theirs a long time ago."

Guitarist Gerben v.d. Bij added: "We are very happy to sign with Neurotic Records to release our 2nd CD. We’ve noticed that Neurotic Records puts a tremendous effort in bringing its bands to a higher level, through excellent promotion, tours and distribution. Over the past few years we’ve put a vast amount of dedication in the preparations for the recordings our new CD, which we think will contain the best Disavowed material so far. We feel that joining forces with Neurotic Record will result in maximal utilization of Disavowed's potential.”

The, as of yet untitled, sophomore Disavowed album is planned for a January, 2007 release.

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