DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME Introduce New Drummer; Gearing Up For SKID ROW Support Tour

March 14, 2018, a year ago

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DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME Introduce New Drummer; Gearing Up For SKID ROW Support Tour

German rockers Double Crush Syndrome have checked in with the following update:

"Dear all! We are happy and proud to announce that Jason-Steve Mageney is the new drummer for Double Crush Syndrome. His talent, spirit and energy are already propelling us into new spheres, and we cannot wait to hit the stage with him. You´re all going to love him, that´s a fact! We will announce more shows very soon, but be sure to come see us supporting the mighty Skid Row in April/May! Welcome Jason!"

Double Crush Syndrome frontman and former Sodom guitarist Andy Brings has checked in with the following update:

"A movie? Yes, a movie! There are things in life, where words and music are not enough.

Dreams, hopes and longings are incredibly visual things, and that´s why there will be Full Circle – Last Exit Rock N´ Roll! By kind of telling my story, my team and I want to show what drives people who have a dream and are willing to sacrifice everything to make it come true. We want to find out how they cope when their dream turns into a nightmare, how they turn it back around, make everything come full circle, and lead their lives to their destiny and find the true meaning of their being. No matter what the individual small or big goal may be or how long it takes.

My life was and still is like that. Love, passion, struggle, setbacks, lifeblood, success, defeat, laughter and tears, but my rock n´ roll dream came true. From being a fanboy to touring with my heroes, without whom there'd be no me. Thirty-plus years never losing sight of the target, I am the living proof that everything is possible!

My story is your story. What are your dreams? Are you searching for your own truth? Are you willing to give it your all? This film shall be inspiration and confirmation. Whatever it is that you need. Don´t let them discourage you. Go your own way, no matter what they say. You will see that you are not alone!

The movie premiere will take place on September 12th, 2018 at the Lichturg in Essen, Germany´s most beautiful movie theatre, with a full-on red carpet event, where I will hopefully meet all of you.

I´m very grateful for your support, without you nothing lives.

Thank you!

Go to this location to check out Andy Brings' pledge campaign.

Photo by Franja Heydel

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