DREAM THEATER Keyboardist JORDAN RUDESS Talks ROLI Seaboard In New Video Interview

June 1, 2017, 2 years ago

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DREAM THEATER Keyboardist JORDAN RUDESS Talks ROLI Seaboard In New Video Interview

Available below is Synth Anatomy's interview with Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess and his tech Keith Wechsler. They discuss the innovative ROLI Seaboard Keyboard with the MPE technology and how he integrates it in his setup, about music making, and music production using the iPad.

Dream Theater singer James LaBrie spoke with Hungary’s Rockbook recently about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Rockbook: Images and Words is a definite masterpiece and an absolute favorite amongst the fans. Why do you think it’s such an important album?

James LaBrie: “It was the album that really put us on the map internationally. They had an album before called When Dream and Day Unite, and they had some critical acclaim, so the press knew that they were an entity. But it was Images and Words that gave us the platform to create what we want after that. And throughout the years, no matter what album we were touring with, everybody got excited when they heard songs from Images and Words. And also it’s been recognized by all the artists, musicians and press in the progressive scene. So it’s in the history books, for sure. And it’s amazing because we only did what we wanted to do in order to express ourselves and fortunately for us it became a success.”

Rockbook: Are you already in the writing process for the new album?

James: “No, we’re just planting seeds for now. We’re just putting some stuff together but it’s pretty cool what’s happening. The real nuts and bolts aren’t gonna happen until we’re done touring. Then we will go to a studio and be together every day just to write songs. But we have a lot of ideas already.”

Rockbook: The Astonishing, the last Dream Theater album was a concept album. Are you planning to do another one in the future?

James: “If we will, it’s not gonna be anytime soon. I mean, we waited for like 17 years between Scenes from a Memory and The Astonishing. I don’t wanna wait another 17 years! (laughs) I think I’ll do my farewell tour in 17 years! (laughs) I think for now it’s best for us to concentrate one album at a time and not thinking in a concept. Unless we wanna write an epic song that has multiple parts in it. Doing something like that might be cool. Something like A Change of Seasons. But a whole album again, no.”

Read more at Rockbook .

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