ETHAN BROSH - Live The Dream Album Details Revealed; Tour Dates Confirmed With MICHAEL SCHENKER

January 15, 2014, 5 years ago

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Live The Dream, the upcoming all-instrumental album from guitar wunderkind ETHAN BROSH, is due out March 4th on drumming legend CARMINE APPICE’s new label, Rocker Records LLC, and Brosh’s dazzling chops and limitless imagination as a player and composer will undoubtedly delight metal aficionados and fill them with awe.

An honest-to-goodness guitar hero, Brosh, who grew up in Israel, is a daring six-string acrobat who plays with fire and precision, never sacrificing technical proficiency for flashy showmanship – although his dynamic, fleet-fingered solos, furious riffs and complex acoustic figures are wildly entertaining. Having added to his already bulging bag of tricks, the Berklee College of Music graduate, now an instructor at the school, soars to new heights on Live The Dream, pushing the envelope with supernatural guitar wizardry and drawing up stunningly inventive musical designs that are wondrous to behold.

“Rocker Records and Carmine Appice are excited to be working with one of metal’s up-and-coming young stars,” said the label’s Michael Cusanelli.

They are not alone in their admiration. Mixed by Max Norman (OZZY OSBOURNE, MEGADETH) and mastered by Bob Ludwig (BON JOVI, DEF LEPPARD, IRON MAIDEN), Live The Dream – with cover art painted by Joe Petagno – is progressive and intellectual in its construction, showcasing refined melodic sensibilities and a maturing instinct for developing intricate and diverse harmonies.

Live The Dream, an album Brosh began promoting last spring while touring in support of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, finds Brosh quickly evolving as a songwriter, even going so far as to effectively experiment with flamenco, trading off nylon string and full-on electric guitar parts in a completely unique and beguiling fashion while also employing the formidable talents of Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson in a way nobody would expect.

Brosh used to be in the band ANGELS OF BABYLON with Ellefson, who appears on two Live The Dream tracks. Together again, they go nuclear on the track 'Rude Awakening'.

“The intent here was to create a heavy, in-your-face kind of tune with a real mean groove to it!” said Brosh, joined by bassist Alex Pierce and drummer Tyler LeVander on Live The Dream. “I figured this tune could use the help of the greatest thrash metal bassist Dave Ellefson! I still can’t get over how huge Ellefson’s bass intro sounds after the incredible mix of Max Norman!”

Brosh is just as enthused about the title track. “I feel this tune defines a lot of my guitar playing at this point in time,” he said. “It’s an epic tune that combines some hard rock riffs that have lots of drive to them. I believe the beginning is a perfect introduction to this record and its dream concept!”

A product of an enjoyable creative process, 'Space Invaders' is mind-blowing as well. “Since this is a guitar instrumental record after all, I figured I’d have some fun with writing a tune that has a fast riff and lots of guitar harmonies, etc., etc. … I’m really proud of the way it came out because I feel the melodies came out strong in the end,” said Brosh. “To me, that’s really important. People seem to respond really well to this one when we play it live. Maybe it’s because it has too many nooooooootes!”

It’s a good bet they’ll embrace 'Clean Slate', too.

“The tune started as a guitar only idea,” said Brosh. “It developed through time. When I sit at the edge of the stage and play this tune, it is an intimate moment between the audience and me, regardless of the crowd size. Once the band joins in with a big bang, it really hits the listener hard! I think we managed to capture that vibe very well on the record, too. I have a feeling this will be a tune that stands out for people!”

Live The Dream tracklisting:

'Live The Dream'

'Forbidden Pleasure'

'Bottomless Pit'

'Knock On Wood'

'Space Invaders'

'Suspicious Exchange'

'Rude Awakening'

'Dawn Of An Old Era'

'Clean Slate'

'Silver Lining'

'Up The Stairway'

'When Picks Fly'

'Crying Moon'

Brosh opens for the legendary MICHAEL SCHENKER on a handful of dates in January. Here’s the schedule:


18 - Toronto, ON - Rock Pile West
19 - Toronto, ON - Rock Pile East
20 - Englewood, NJ - Bergen Pac
21 - Londondery, NH - Tupelo Music Hall

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