Exclusive: LORDS OF THE TRIDENT Premiere “Reaper’s Hourglass” Video

August 10, 2018, 11 months ago

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Exclusive: LORDS OF THE TRIDENT Premiere “Reaper’s Hourglass” Video

A true spectacle to be witnessed, Lords Of The Trident is a daring adventure metal quintet that has been delighting their audiences and fans all over the world for ten years. To continue on their epic quest of bringing spectacular and entertaining metal to global fans these power metal warriors will be unleashing their 7th album Shadows From The Past on August 24th. In celebration of this new beast from their discography, Lords Of The Trident are premiering via BraveWords their third single and new music video "Reaper's Hourglass". 

Vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein comments:

"‘Reaper's Hourglass’ is one of the most technically challenging songs on the new album, so we thought this would be a perfect candidate for a full-band playthrough video. Of course, since it's a Lords Of The Trident playthrough, we had to make it interesting..."

Shadows From The Past was supported by a Kickstarter campaign that went live on June 1st and ending on June 29th. During that month, the band's fans helped them surpass their goals to raise over $11,000 for the release. The band offered multiple packages and rewards that included merch, lessons from band members, festival tickets, private concerts and a copy of the video game Coffee Crisis that the band has partnered with to feature one of their songs for one of the levels along with band members as NPCs (non-playable characters).

Lords Of The Trident are offering fans a FREE track download of their first single "Death Dealer", a song influenced by the game Diablo and lyrics written based on the storyline of Diablo 1 and 2. Download the song at this location and stream the song below.

Fang VonWrathenstein: “This album is our most ambitious musical work to date, and the first album with our new members Baron Helleshaar and Master Herc. Fans who have been with us for a while will notice that our new songs are a bit more complex, and our songwriting continues to mature. The new songs are definitely still Lords songs, but explore some new musical themes. I believe the new album will be our strongest offering yet, and contain some songs that are sure to be fan favourites going forward.”

North American tracklisting:

"Death Dealer"
"Zero Hour"
"Burn It Down (With Fire)" Feat. Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers)
"The Party Has Arrived"
"Brothers Of Cain"
"Reaper's Hourglass"
"Chasing Shadows"
"The Nameless Tomb"
"The Gatekeeper"

Japanese bonus tracks:

"Cross The Line"
"Desolation (Haze Of The Battlefield Pt. 2)"

"Death Dealer":

(Photo - Mary Sweeney)

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