Exclusive: LUCER Premieres “Ghost Town” Video

December 7, 2018, a year ago

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Exclusive: LUCER Premieres “Ghost Town” Video

Copenhagen based Lucer is back with their second album Ghost Town, the successor to the hit debut Bring Me Good News from 2016. The debut secured the band 2 years of extensive touring activity in all of Europe, and physical distribution worldwide. BraveWords is premiering the video for the title tracks! Sit back and rock out to it!

With more than 250 live shows and a rock solid print in the European rock world, Lucer has made a substantial impact on the Danish and international rock scene. Among other things, the collaboration with Danish rock ‘n’ roll legend Mike Tramp have helped the band in the right direction.

It is on the big stages Lucer have gotten a reputation, being an explosive and energetic live band, delivering amazing experiences every time. With a brand new sound, the band has set its mind on living up to the reputation, being the most promising rock band from Denmark in more than 10 years.

In spring 2017, Lucer starred in a big countrywide beer commercial for Danish brand “Royal Beer”, the single “Midnight Sun” was the soundtrack for the entire campaign.

Ghost Town, was produced by Danish duo Thunder & Lightning Music, who are also known for the work they’ve done with the Danish singer Jacob Dinesen. On top of this, the Danish metal guru Tue Madsen has finalized the mixes, giving the album a unique combination of rock with a modern and massive sound – along with catchy songwriting, and pop elements.

Rock fans all over the world can look forward to this album from Danish Lucer, with a unique approach to rock ‘n’ roll, good songs and a Nordic touch.

The quartet is fronted by the brothers Lasse & Anders Bøgemark on vocals, bas and guitars, plus Kristoffer Kristensen and Jonathan Nørgaard on guitars and drums.

2019 is going to be busy for the young band, with European tour, festivals all over Scandinavia and upcoming single releases from Ghost Town.

Tue Madsen: "It was a pleasure to work with Lucer’s album. Every song is a hit in its own way. Nice, solid rock, Motown and disco in a great mix."


“Ghost Town”
“Mirror Of A Man”
“The Night The Music Died”
“Party Like A Rockstar”
“Young Pretty Stupid”
“The Good Life”

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