Fan-Filmed Video Of STEVE VAI, ZAKK WYLDE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, NUNO BETTENCOURT And TOSIN ABASI Performing QUEEN Classic "Bohemian Rhapsody" On Generation Axe 2018 Tour Posted

January 5, 2019, 5 months ago

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Fan-Filmed Video Of STEVE VAI, ZAKK WYLDE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, NUNO BETTENCOURT And TOSIN ABASI Performing QUEEN Classic "Bohemian Rhapsody" On Generation Axe 2018 Tour Posted

One of the high points of the the Generation Axe 2018 tour featuring Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt, Yngwie Malmsteen and Tosin Abasi was their performance of the Queen classic "Bohemian Rhapsody". Check out fan-filmed video from their November 24th, 2018 show at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY below. 

Steve Vai and Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt recently guested on Lazer 103.3 to discuss the Generation Axe 2018 tour. During the conversation, Bettencourt talked about how he became part of the package and the appeal of the project:

Nuno: "When Steve Vai calls you, and he's one of the biggest voices in your guitar life - I used to go see and play whenever I got the chance, whether it was with David Lee Roth or otherwise - when he calls, you go. And he had a great idea. And unlike maybe some of the earlier G3 type of stuff, which are amazing, what I love about this is that it's not just about guitar, it's about music. And it's very musical. He loves everybody to have their own space and to be able to sing if you want, to be able to do an acoustic piece if you want.

What's really thrilling about it is that if you come to the show, you see stuff that you've never seen - me and Zakk do a song, him and Yngwie do a song, five of us not just trading solos but playing in harmony. Steve is an incredible arranger. I think those are the things you don't want to miss. Whether you're a guitar player or a musician, it's just a love of music."

Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt, and Tosin Abasi have launched a pre-order via Pledge Music for the upcoming live album, The Guitars That Destroyed The World - Live In China.

The Generation Axe experience goes way beyond simply gathering five guitar greats on one stage to jam. According to Steve Vai, “The idea was to create a seamless show with one backing band and five completely accomplished and astonishing guitarists that take to the stage in various configurations, performing some of their solo music and merging together as cohesive co-creators of lushly orchestrated guitar extravaganzas.”

Much of the time when multiple rock guitarists join in jamming, the results are usually conventional and often a mess. But the arrangements of some of the classic rock tracks performed by these five insane players makes for a magnificent cacophony of organized chaos unlike anything ever presented before.

Generation Axe - The Guitars That Destroyed The World (Live In China) was culled from various performances on their last very successful tour of Asia. It is indeed rare for a lineup of guitar players to create a unique offering and when listening to this wild ride through a kaleidoscope of 6-string mania, it’s obvious that Generation Axe hit the mark and this Pledge campaign offers a variety of unique merchandise, behind the scene footage, and ultimate fan access! You can get everything from signed guitars to listening parties and signed vinyl.

More details at Pledge Music.

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