Faroe Islands' HAMFERD Release Official Music Video For "Frosthvarv"

December 5, 2017, a year ago

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Faroe Islands' HAMFERD Release Official Music Video For "Frosthvarv"

Metal Blade Records will release Faroe Islands-based doomsters Hamferð's new album, Támsins Likam, on January 12th. Check out a video for "Frosthvarv" below, and pre-order the new album here.

Comments Hamferð: "For years we have been working towards using video material to bring a visual aspect to our music. But not until now have we been able to produce something with the quality that we always strive for. We are extremely pleased to have found the right group of people to work with, and we believe the result to be something truly special."

"Támsins Likam" tracklisting:

"Tvístevndur Meldur"
"Hon Syndrast"
"Vápn Í Anda"

"Frosthvarv" video:

"Hon Syndrast" lyric video:

About Hamferð:

Hamferð refers to an apparition: the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen.

"Faroese doom metal" is a powerful sound. Exclusive to this self-styled tag is Hamferð. For a near decade, the funeral dressed sextet has been casting a unique expression rooted in conceptual tragedy and intense, narrative doom metal.

"Hamferð is heavily inspired by our natural surroundings and our cultural heritage. Those aspects combine into unique feelings and atmospheres which we attempt to describe through our music", comments guitarist Theodor Kapnas.

Faroese history and folklore are mixed together with grand atmospheres, a trademark that has earned worldwide attention. Stages at festivals such as Inferno, Midgardsblot, Tuska, Summer Breeze, Wacken and many more have been turned into funerary ceremonies. Touring with bands like Amorphis and Moonsorrow has further garnered the band a respected reputation due to strong yet solemn live performances.

The lyrical and conceptual approach is ambitious in scope. People are drawn to it, even though the band sings in their native tongue, Faroese. With a highly engaging idea concerning lyrics and songwriting, the hour has arrived to close a conceptual trilogy which commenced with the 2010 EP Vilst er siðsta fet, continued with the internationally acclaimed 2013 full-length album Evst, and is now concluded with the new album, soon to be announced.

Check out a live video of Hamferð performing "Vrain" in the cathedral of Torshavn:

Hamferð lineup:

Jon Aldara - Vocals
John Egholm - Guitar
Theodor Kapnas - Guitar
Isak Petersen - Bass
Esmar Joensen - Keyboards
Remi Johannesen - Drums

(Photo - Beinta a Torkilsheyggi)

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