FOGHAT Spinoff EARL & THE AGITATORS ALL STAR BAND Return With Shaken & Stirred Album; "Guess Things Happen That Way" Performance Video Streaming

October 18, 2018, 8 months ago

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FOGHAT Spinoff EARL & THE AGITATORS ALL STAR BAND Return With Shaken & Stirred Album; "Guess Things Happen That Way" Performance Video Streaming

Rock n’ roll, blues and a dash of country are being served "Shaken & Stirred" in the latest release by the Earl & The Agitators All Star Band. Shaken & Stirred (a follow-up to their 2016 self-titled EP) will be released on Friday, October 26th (Foghat Records, distributed by Select-O-Hits).

Earl & The Agitators is the brain child of Foghat founding member/drummer Roger Earl, singer/guitarist extraordinaire Scott Holt (former 10-year Buddy Guy alum) and Foghat lead/slide guitarist Bryan Bassett. Rounding out the lineup for the live bonus tracks are Foghat bassist Rodney O’Quinn, guitarist Tony Bullard and percussionist Mark Petrocelli.

A pre-order and stream of the album is available here.

“This band was born out of a passion for American Music,” explains Roger. “Rock, Blues & Country. Scott Holt, who played with Buddy Guy, one of my musical heroes, for many years, channels this music with a joy and mastery of a seasoned pro. With his fireballing guitar and soulful vocals, we had a blast writing and recording!  And since we are all big Johnny Cash fans we also included a couple of his songs for fun. I love making music with Scott!"

“So, you're in a band and you have some friends that are in another band,” adds Scott. “You get together and hang out, writing and recording music. You share a love for old rock n’ roll, blues and country, so you jam on a Tommy Tucker tune and even take a swing at a Johnny Cash cut from the Sun Records days. You're having so much fun that you give it a name and even take it onstage! The recipe is simple; take your Chess and Sun 45's, throw them in a blender with a dollop of thundering drums, thumping bass and searing electric guitars...I'm pretty sure that's the recipe for rock n’ roll!”

Bryan also realized that EATA were on to something special, straight away. “Over the years of playing professionally I have come to recognize and appreciate musical chemistry. When you meet someone that you just hit it off with, both as a friend and as a musical collaborator, special things happen. And so it was when I met Scott Holt. Our instant chemistry for writing songs and the way we just naturally blended as guitar players lead to us having many tracks recorded for no other reason than we loved writing, playing and recording together. Roger and I have been comrades in arms for many years and now we had all these songs recorded and ready to go. That left us with a conundrum...what do we do with them? Well what we did was come up with a *fun name, ‘Earl and the Agitators’ and we decided to put the songs out there so our friends and fans could listen, and I hope like what we've come up with. It certainly was a great musical experience for Rog, Scott and I and all our fellow collaborating ‘Earls’.”

*One last note from Roger “whilst pondering over a bottle of Foghat Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Bryan declared us ‘Earl & The Agitators” and that’s how we came to be!"

And as seen/heard in this live performance of “Guess Things Happen That Way”, recorded at the Club Arcada in St. Charles, Illinois on March 15th, 2018, this band takes their ‘chemistry’ to the next level as these musical worlds collide on stage. Watch below.


“Upside Of Lonely“
“Where's The Rock N' Roll“ (Instant gratification track with iTunes pre-order of album)
“I'm Coming Home“
“Guess Things Happen That Way”
“Love Isn't Kind“
“Fallen Angel“
“Hi-Heel Sneakers“
“Linda Lu“
“Honey Do List“
“Lonesome Train“
“Sunday Morning Coming Down“
“Gone Dead Train“
“All Because Of You“
“Let Me Love You Baby“ (Live)
“Shaky Ground“ (Live)
“Wild Horses“ (Live)
“Knock On Wood“ (Live)
“Peter Gunn Theme“ (Live)

“Guess Things Happen That Way” video:

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