Former AC/DC Singer DAVE EVANS Releases What About Tomorrow EP; Video For Title Track Streaming

December 1, 2014, 4 years ago

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Former AC/DC Singer DAVE EVANS Releases What About Tomorrow EP; Video For Title Track Streaming

In early 2012, Dave Evans - founder and original vocalist for the band AC/DC - teamed up with songwriter/mucisian David Mobley to bring you the What About Tomorrow EP. The latest and all new and different fusion of soft rock, hard rock and acoustical grandeur is an absolute "must listen" for all Dave Evans fans.



What About Tomorrow tracklisting:

"What About Tomorrow"
"Tell Me A Lie"
"Hot Acoustic Nite"
"Be Your Last Kiss"
"Here I Come"



The title track, "What About Tomorrow", takes the listeners straight into today’s world headlines – and where we are all headed if things do not shape up soon.

Track 2, "Tell Me A Lie" is a softer and superbly  blended acoustic and rock guitar ballad that shows the softer side of Dave Evans – a song that most any listener can easily relate to.

Track 3, "Hot Acoustic Nite", is also a very unique and entwined blend of acoustic and rock guitar with fantasy lyrics to match –quite possibly the “sleeper” hit of this remarkable EP.

Track 4, "Be Your Last Kiss", starts as a light ballad that then turns full blown rock that really sends a message from one to another. This particular track really shows Dave’s diverse style of vocals.

Track 5, "Here I Come", by far the darkest song of the EP, the type of song that Dave Evans trademark vocals are known for. The vocals in this song alone may just leave one’s skin crawling.

"What About Tomorrow" video:

All five tracks were written by seasoned songwriter/musicians David Mobley, Cliff Turpin and Jonathan Pugh. The EP is also produced by David Mobley. The EP is now available at Amazon and CD Baby.

On a philanthropic note, David Mobley is involved with several charitable organizations that help underprivileged kids get the attention they need and deserve through music, including learning songwriting and how to play a variety of musical instruments.

For more information visit this location.


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