GEORGE LYNCH - "I Think Playing Drums Is What I Do Already In My Head In The Way I Approach The Guitar"

November 15, 2017, a year ago

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GEORGE LYNCH - "I Think Playing Drums Is What I Do Already In My Head In The Way I Approach The Guitar"

Dokken guitar legend George Lynch is featured in a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, answering questions from the site's readership. An excerpt is available below.

Q: What is an instrument you cannot play but wish you could?

Lynch: "Quite a few actually. I bought a banjo once and tried to play it but didnít really figure it out. The other thing I tried and thought I would like was violin and cello and both of which I didnít do very well at either. But I would say the thing I would want to play most is drums. Just for the sense of rhythm and the way I play is sort of emphasizing rhythm more than even notes sometimes. The notes are almost a secondary consideration. I think playing drums is what I do already in my head in the way I approach the guitar."

Q: If you could take one guitar lesson from any guitarist living or dead, who would it be?

Lynch: "I like two guys from opposite ends of the spectrum so it would be Hendrix and Holdsworth."

Read the complete Q&A here.

Sweet & Lynch is centred around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of heavy metal stalwarts Stryper (ex-Boston) and iconic guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, KXM, ex-Dokken) along with bassist James Lomenzo (ex-Megadeth, White Lion, Black Label Society) and drummer Brian Tichy (The Dead Daisies, ex-Whitesnake). In addition to his vocal and guitar work, Michael Sweet handled all of the production duties on Unified.

"George and I couldn't be more excited about this album! We've worked very hard to bring you the best of both worlds - a throw back of the chart topping Stryper/Dokken days yet with a modern production that fits right in with anything out there now in the rock world today. We couldn't be more proud than to be working with Brian Tichy and James LoMenzo again as they are the best rhythm section you'll ever hear. If you liked Sweet & Lynch I, you're going to love Unified," says Michael Sweet of the new album.

The combination of Sweet's powerful, high-octane vocals, Lynch's immediately recognizable guitar work, and Lomenzo and Tichy's propulsive rhythm section make for an amazing musical combination. The album gives both Sweet and Lynch the opportunity to operate outside of the boundaries of their most well known work and really stretch their wings. Pummeling, traditional heavy metal combines with hook-laden melodic rock and traditional hard rock for a recipe that will satisfy the hungriest of rock fans!

Unified is an absolute must hear for fans of all of Michael Sweet and George Lynch's previous work and of course for those who enjoyed the band's excellent debut album.

Pre-order Unified at this location.


“Promised Land”
“Make Your Mark”
“Tried & True”
“Find Your Way”
“Heart Of Fire”
“Bridge Of Broken Lies”
“Better Man”
“Live To Die”

“Walk” video:

“Bridge Of Broken Lies”:

“Afterlife” lyric video:

Unified “making of” video:

“Promised Land”:

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