GHOST Mastermind TOBIAS FORGE - "METALLICA Is Very Much One Of The Reasons Why I'm Doing This"

December 16, 2018, 6 months ago

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GHOST Mastermind TOBIAS FORGE - "METALLICA Is Very Much One Of The Reasons Why I'm Doing This"

Angel Orozco at American Forces Network recently caught up with Ghost mastermind / frontman Tobias Forge. In the interview streaming below, Forge discusses touring with Metallica, his official unmasking, and the Satanic themes of Ghost's songs and presentation.

Back in 2017, Sweden's P1 was ground zero on August 17th for Forge officially revealing that he does in fact perform as frontman Papa Emeritus (and Cardinal Copia as of 2018), even though the truth had been known for several months previous due to legal issues with former members of Ghost.

Forge spoke on several topics during his hour-long discussion including his formative years as a musician; check Reddit here for a complete transcription translated from Swedish. An excerpt is available below, with Forge addressing his late brother.

Forge: "Did I tell you about the Grammy, by the way? I got one of those.. about a year ago. We were in LA and went on a celebrity party, it was very big. Mother is very proud, and tells everyone who I am, even if it's supposed to be a secret. But fuck that now, I suppose.

I look for books that I know you loved and always told me that I should read. And I still miss some of those Sture Dahlström-books that you cheered for, but I'm keeping and eye out.. I'm always looking for them. The problem is that I can find them in Sweden, and.. I very much want to have the original-editions and not new...

I still re-create your disc-collection in my own and I often feel closer to you when I listen to music to I knew you liked. Wherever I look, I see thinks that you've shown me. It feels like you're always walking besides me. I still go hand in hand with you.. On our way from the city, home to Tannefors. Home to Tegelsbruksgatan.. I'm still the 5 years old who jumps around in the couth at our home, dressed in your and mothers clothes with make-up, rocking to hard rock. I'm still the 5 years old that you cheered for when I did something bad, that you'd encouraged me to. I'm still the 5 years old who has bad language in front of you and your laughing friends. It's a few more people who laughs nowadays. And applaud they do as well, and that's very fun.

It's feels like you're with me everywhere, and we're happy together about everything that happens. And one thing you must know. I'm still your biggest fan.. Thank you for everything, my beloved brother. See you in Niagijala.

My name is Tobias Forge. I'm the man behind the mask in Ghost."

Listen to the broadcast in Swedish here.

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