GRAVE DIGGER Guitarist MANNI SCHMIDT Confirms Reports Of Second Guitarist Joining Band, Reunites With RAGE At Summer's End Open Air

August 30, 2007, 11 years ago

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GRAVE DIGGER guitarist Manni Schmidt has issued the following update:

"Summer's Ending

True to that motto was the Summer’s End Open Air festival in my birth town Andernach which was the last festival show for Grave Digger in this season. It was a great and relaxed atmosphere there. In a spontaneous action RAGE invited me smashing the well-known 'Don’t Fear The Winter' along with them. That caused lots of amazed faces in front of the stage and was lots of fun as well! But 13 years after I left the band I had to practice a bit on the quiet… ;-)

See pictures of the festival at this location.

The following shows will be a big surprise as well for the fans as those will be the first ones to be performed with a second guitarist! Haha, yeah, you got that correctly! We’ve got an old acquaintance and great guitarist to enforce the guitar front of Grave Digger. More on that and a little competition can be found on

In the past there have been some requests on what equipment I use. I updated the gallery with some newer photography of it. In Andernach I used the Bulldozer amp by Fame for the first time. Incredible! That’s the best amp I’ve been playing on for a long time! Check it out at Musicstore Köln who sell Fame equipment!"

See you soon!


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