GRIM REAPER Frontman STEVE GRIMMETT Returns To The Stage At Bang Your Head 2017; Fan-Filmed Video Posted

July 17, 2017, 9 months ago

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GRIM REAPER Frontman STEVE GRIMMETT Returns To The Stage At Bang Your Head 2017; Fan-Filmed Video Posted

BraveWords scribe Mark Gromen checked in from his annual pilgrimage to the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany this past weekend, reporting on Grim Reaper frontman Steve Grimmett's triumphant return to the stage only five months aafter having part of his right leg amputated. Fan-filmed video from the show is available below.

From Mark Gromen:

"The metal world was gripped by the sudden and tragic turn of events Steve Grimmett had to endure last January, when an infection cost the Grim Reaper frontman his right leg. On July 14th at the Bang Your Head festival, the plucky Englishmen not only got back onstage, but fitted with a prosthesis, refused to be a victim. With a bar mic affixed to a headband, he not only stood defiantly, but ambled across the stage (with occasional use of a cane, that doubled as air guitar prop) the singer thanked the crowd, when in reality the assemblage should have honored him for his amazing demonstration of the human spirit. A full recap will be posted on soon. Damn shame there wasn't any Grim Reaper merch, as undoubtedly most on hand would have 'supported' this truly worthy cause. Good luck to you, Steve."

Metal fans are well aware of the contributions of vocalist Steve Grimmett.  His body of work spans more than 30 years, including fan favorite recordings from Onslaught, Lionsheart, and Grim Reaper, among others.

Grimmett recorded a solo album, Personal Crisis, that was originally released in 2007 via Germany's Metal Heaven Records.  The album never saw proper North American distribution. That will change on June 30th, when Dissonance Productions makes this gem available for the English singer's stateside fans.

Personal Crisis is a sleek, melodic metal album that showcases Grimmett's masterful voice.  It has a strong NWOBHM base that embraces elements of traditional rock and power metal.  With guitarist Ian Nash, bassist Richard Walker, and drummer Pete Newdeck, the album includes a cover of Grim Reaper's "Wrath Of The Ripper" (from See You In Hell) and a strong duo performance of Grimmett with vocalist Joanne Ruiz on the song "Enemy."

Currently, Grimmett is continuing to promote his latest album with Grim Reaper (Walking In The Shadows) and healing from a partial leg amputation that has been widely reported on.  Fellow musician and fan generated fundraising continues globally to assist Grimmett and his family during what truly has been a life-changing event. Donations are still being collected at the official donation page here.


“Wait For Ever”
“Wrath Of The Ripper” (Grim Reaper cover)

Photo by Mark Gromen

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