GUNS N' ROSES - Fans Of Former Guitarist IZZY STRADLIN Launch Concert Petition; Video

August 23, 2018, 10 months ago

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GUNS N' ROSES - Fans Of Former Guitarist IZZY STRADLIN Launch Concert Petition; Video

Fans of former Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin have sent a message loud and clear to their star musician: "We want to see you (just you) live in concert."

An online petition started by London-based fan Carlene Bender on Friday, July 27th hit 500 signatures in its first weekend, and managed to get up to 1.000 this past Wednesday, August 22nd after trending on UK Twitter for several days.

The petition's reach was gained mainly by an active social media network made up of members of the Izzy Stradlin Fans group on Facebook, spreading across Twitter and Instagram too. The petition has so far been translated into seven languages, and shared in at least 20 countries, including China, Mexico, and India.

"A lot of Izzy fans might have been frustrated at not having the opportunity to see Izzy as part of the Not In This Lifetime tour," Carlene says, referring to the nearly half-a-billion dollar grossing tour billed as a Guns N' Roses band reunion, but without founding member Stradlin.

"Most of Izzy's music lovers have anyway long moved on to his amazing solo catalog of 11 albums since 1992," Carlene added. "We'd love to see Izzy playing some of those songs, under whatever setup he's happy with – a full-on concert, or a festival, or something simpler like a jam session live-streamed from his garage."

The fans sent an open tweet to Izzy once the #Izzyconcert2018 petition hit the 1000-mark, and the petition will continue to stay still open for new signatures while the fans look out for an acknowledgement or even an announcement from Izzy.

In 2005, Izzy responded to another fan-led petition asking him to release CD copies of his sixth album Like A Dog, after the petition hit 1,000 signatures. That was before social media, but also while Izzy was still performing and in the public eye - so who knows 'How Much' it will take to get Izzy Stradlin's attention in 2018.

The man behind the Like A Dog petition, known as Chopaway on social media, whose fan website went on to become "the online home of Izzy Stradlin", is hoping the petition idea will work second time round: "I've just got my fingers crossed like everyone else," he says. "If [Izzy] does play a show I think the most interesting thing would be his choice of setlist. There must be at least 80 songs in his discography that have never been played live so hearing any of those would be really cool."

To sign, share and support the campaign on, head here.

Keep track of campaign news and numbers at its dedicated Twitter account @Izzyconcert2018, follow the hashtag #Izzyconcert2018 on Instagram, or join the Izzy Stradlin Fans group on Facebook.

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