HIRAX - Guitarist Glenn Rogers Returns To New Lineup; First Ever New York Show Scheduled

April 4, 2006, 13 years ago

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HIRAX vocalist Katon W. De Pena has announced that lead guitarist Glenn Rogers has rejoined the band. Lead guitarist Lance Harrison, bassist

Steve Harrison and drummer Fabricio Raveli complete the new lineup.

"I wanted to make some changes for a while," said De Pena. "The only other band member that I saw eye to eye with on what direction Hirax should be going was Glenn. We both really love playing heavy thrash metal and we know what Hirax should sound like."

"Katon and I began talking again after he mailed a copy of the Thrash Til Death DVD to me," said Glenn Rogers. "My heart has always been into

Hirax; and after our meeting, we found out that we're both still on the same page. So we decided it was in our best interest to put all the bullshit behind

us and move forward."

"The Harrison brothers are local Los Angeles/Orange County musicians who are veterans of the heavy metal scene," said De Pena. "Lance

Harrison was our guitar tech so he knows what we are all about. He is a great addition to the band. His brother Steve knows how to play his instrument and comes from the Jaco Pastorius, Cliff Burton, Steve Harris school of bass playing. He is perfect for what we do. Our newest member is Fabricio Ravelli from Brazil. He is dedicated to metal and had been following our music for years. Fabrico is a well known musician back in South America and relocated to California in order to peruse his career in music. We are privileged to have him as a member of Hirax."

Hirax is currently working on new material for their next record to be titled Assassins Of War. The record was planned to be an EP, however, it has

morphed into a full-length because of the amount of material that Rogers and the Harrison brothers have been writing.

One of the first dates for the new lineup of Hirax will be in Long Island, New York, on May 13th, headlining a show for Metal Kingdom Records' 2nd Anniversary. This will be the band'Äôs first-ever New York show.

"Not only am I excited about Assassins Of War, I am looking forward to playing shows with these guys," said De Pena. "They are TRUE ROAD DOGS!! They are willing to travel and sleep on floors if that'Äôs what it takes. They are hungry like I am and are willing to go the extra mile to play our music for the fans - no matter what country and no matter if they are rich or poor. All we care about is METAL!!"

In other news, as previously reported, BW&BK recently received the following press release in regards to the upcoming Hirax DVD, Thrash Til Death:

Keepers of the thrash metal torch Hirax will release their first DVD, Thrash Til Death, on April 25th through Black Devil Records.

Thrash Til Death features over two hours of live footage – the complete set from Minneapolis Mayhem 2, plus bonus footage from shows played in Germany (Bang Your Head Festival and warm up show), Sweden (Sweden Rock Festival), The Netherlands (Dokk’Em Open Air Festival), and San Francisco (Tidal Wave Festival and Thrash of the Quintana- KUSF 23rd Anniversary show at The Pound SF).

The tracks compiled on this visual anthology span Hirax’s entire career and were filmed using professional cameras, multiple camera angles, and high quality audio. The DVD also contains an interview with the entire band, 'Hostile Territory' promo clip, a full visual discography including liner notes and artwork (by Pushead, “Mad” Marc Rude, and Craig Cummings), and even an Easter egg (hidden concert footage from Fender’s Ballroom in 1985).

“We are very excited about the DVD,” said singer Katon W. De Pena. “It contains some of the most amazing performances the band has done up until this point. I wanted it to be something that Hirax diehards as well as any fan of extreme metal would be proud to own. As a matter of fact, this DVD was compiled and edited by a huge metal fan, Eddie Boyd (aka “Sickthrash”), who has been collecting thrash memorabilia since the beginning.”

Thrash ‘Til Death will be available through Century Media distribution as well as Black Devil Records. European and South American distribution is in the works.

Hirax is currently in the pre-production stage for their upcoming album, Assassins Of War. Joining vocalist Katon W. De Pena are original Hirax drummer Johnny Tabares, lead guitarist Lance Harrison, and bassist Steve Harrison.

The Thrash Til Death DVD includes the following tracklisting:

Minneapolis Mayhem Festival 2: May 6, 2005 Minneapolis, MN, U.S. - 'El Dia de los Muertos', 'Massacre Of The Innocent', 'Blind Faith', 'The New Age Of Terror', 'Hate, Fear And Power', 'Hostile Territory', 'Destroy', 'Broken Neck', 'El Diablo Negro', 'Killswitch', 'Walk With Death', 'Barrage Of Noise', 'The Plague', 'Bombs Of Death', 'Unleash The Dogs Of War'.

Bonus footage from around the world:

Bang Your Head Open Air Festival - Warm Up gig, June 26, 2003 Balingen, Germany - 'Blind Faith', 'Warlord Command', 'Bombs Of Death', 'Mouth Sewn Shut', 'Demons Evil Forces'.

Bang Your Head Open Air Festival - June 28, 2003 Balingen, Germany - 'Hate, Fear And Power', 'Bombs Of Death', 'Mouth Sewn Shut' (guest guitar Jake Starr).

Sweden Rock Festival - June 12, 2004 Solvesborg, Sweden - 'El Diablo Negro', 'Killswitch', 'Bombs Of Death'.

Tidal Wave Festival - June 19, 2004 San Francisco, CA U.S. - 'Hate, Fear And Power', 'Demons Evil Forces', 'Walk With Death'.

Dokk ‘Em Open Air Festival - August 14, 2004 Friesland, Holland - 'Hate, Fear And Power', 'Demons Evil Forces'.

The Pound KUSF 23rd Anniversary - May 13, 2005 San Francisco, CA U.S. - 'Unleash the Dogs Of War'.

Backstage interview - Sweden Rock Festival June 2004, Promo Video, Discography, 2004 Photo Gallery, Catalogue Promo, Easter Egg (1985 live video of 'Demons Evil Forces' Fender’s Ballroom, Long Beach, CA U.S.).

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