HEADCAT Pay Tribute To LEMMY At Wacken Open Air 2017 With "Born To Lose, Live To Win" (Video)

August 13, 2017, 11 months ago

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HEADCAT Pay Tribute To LEMMY At Wacken Open Air 2017 With "Born To Lose, Live To Win" (Video)

In 1999, Lemmy (Motörhead), Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats) and rockabilly guitar-slinger Danny B. Harvey (Rockats) teamed up to create a high-energy, take no prisoners combo to remind the world how Rock'n'Roll was supposed to f*ckin sound. For over 16 years Headcat continued doing just that to the accolades of fans worldwide.

Since Lemmy's untimely passing in 2015, Slim Jim and Danny B. have put Headcat on hold out of respect for their fallen band mate and have waited until the appropriate time to start performing, and recording again.

Which brings us to the spring of 2017. Along with new Headcat bassist and vocalist - former Morbid Angel frontman David Vincent - Headcat are back in action. Last weekend they performed "Born To Lose, Live To Win" at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany as a tribute to Lemmy. Fan-filmed video is available below.

Headcat recently recorded "Born To Lose, Live To Win" in Lemmy's memory. The song was released digitally worldwide on June 23rd, and is available on a very limited edition 7” single (only 300 copies pressed!).

“Lemmy was my true pal for 35 years,” Says Slim Jim Phantom. “The Headcat ‘Born To Lose, Live To Win’ track is a tribute to his spirit, image and love of original rock and roll. With his gang, Motörhead, he made an everlasting impact on their fans, and like his famed Rickenbacker/Marshall spine tingling feedback, their legacy will continue to resonate for a long time.”

Danny B. Harvey continues: “This single is both dedicated to, and a tribute to our dear friend and fallen leader. As just about every Lemmy fan knows ‘Born To Lose, Live To Win’ was not only tattooed on Lemmy's arm but also the credo he lived his life by. Rest in Peace my friend.”


Side A
“Born To Lose, Live To Win”

Side B
“(This Train Is Going) Straight To Hell”

Digital only bonus track – “T For Texas”

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