HELIX - Complete List Of Auction Items At Upcoming Beneifit Show For Drummer GREG "FRITZ" HINZ Posted

January 13, 2019, 5 months ago

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HELIX - Complete List Of Auction Items At Upcoming Beneifit Show For Drummer GREG "FRITZ" HINZ Posted

Helix frontman Brian Vollmer checked in on November 12th, 2018 to report that Helix drummer Greg "Fritz" Hinz had been hospitalized and put into a drug-induced coma after falling from the roof of his house. 

A benefit concert for Hinz will be held in London, Ontario on Friday, January 18th. Helix, Killer Dwarfs and Syre will perform at the event.

Vollmer has issued the following update:

"As most of you know, we're also having an auction that night. Here's the donated items (hopefully I won't forget anything):

- a Cheech build-a-bong with a custom titz bowl from Mike McDowell of The Hippy 
- an acoustic guitar (autographed) from Sean Kelly 
- an acoustic guitar (autographed by Helix) from Dave Southen 
- an electric guitar (autographed by Helix) from Dave Southen 
- an air brushed painting by Peter Ammonn 
- a signed RUSH poster and a signed Coney Hatch poster from Andy Curran
- a package from Al Harlow of Prism
- a Helix package (CDs/t-shirts/etc) that I have yet to put together
- 2 tickets to a concert of your choice at Massey Hall (courtesy of Dean Cameron, former president of Capitol Records)
- a car hood with custom painted Leaf logo with the caption: "It's All Good-We're in the Hood" donated by Jackie Wetlaufer
- an assorted package of Goddo items donated by Greg Goddovitz
- an autographed Deep Purple album donated by Chuck Darrow
- a flat screen TV & gift basket (donated by Shirley & Tim McCarthy)
- Scott Cassidy has donated his catering services for all the bands back at Planet Helix after soundcheck
- a package from the Trailer Park Boys

We're also being helped out by a team of people that day. Aside from the Killer Dwarfs, Helix and Syre, who graciously have donated their time that day, Al Packham and Mike McDowell are going to help transport above said items to the venue and set them up, John Hockley, Al Packham and Andrew 'Goat Boy' Libby will be working the back door, Lynda Vollmer and Lisa Slack will work the front door, Brenda and Randy Heywood and Sandy Morton will be selling tickets for the 50/50 and the bottle draw, and Archie Gamble will be the MC for the night. 

There are more people involved-too many to mention here-that will probably be helping with setting up and moving the gear, etc. There will be lotsa love in the room!

Lee Aaron also sent a package to be auctioned. Unfortunately, some piece of scum stole it from my front porch. A pox on their house!"

A GoFundMe page has been launched by Vollmer to aid in paying Hinz's bills, as he is self-employed. Check out the campaign here.

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