HELL - Trilogy Boxset Due In May

March 3, 2014, 5 years ago

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May 15th has been confirmed as the international release date for HELL's Trilogy boxset. This four-LP picture-disc collection will receive the characteristically grandiose treatment from Pesanta Urfolk, the labor of love of noted photographer, documentarian, musician, and Stella Natura festival organizer Adam Collins-Torruella.

Is hell a metaphorical place, or a literal one? Where is Hell? Hell currently resides in Salem, Oregon. It is largely the work of one M.S.W. To date, the man has recorded three increasingly expansive full-length albums, always on cassette format, and always selling out almost immediately. Now, after the highly successful vinyl pressings of I, II, and III, all courtesy of Pesanta Urfolk, Hell prepares to make that metaphorical place a literal one (or is that vice versa?) with an exclusive, luxurious picture-disc boxset containing all three Hell treatises to date, appropriately titled Trilogy. The tracklisting is as follows:


A1 'Brutus'

A2 'Infernus'

A3 'Tyranno'

B1 'Deflagatio'

B2 'Lethe'

B3 'Maeror'


C 'Gog'

D 'Metnal'

E1 'Umbilicus'

E2 'Trucid'

F (blank side)


G 'Mourn'

H 'Decedere'

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