HOLYHELL Offering Free Download Of Unreleased Bonus Track 'Invictus'

April 16, 2014, 4 years ago

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HOLYHELL - featuring singer Maria Breon and guitarist Joe Stump - have been in limbo since 2012 following an acrimonious split with their management.

The band has issued the following press release:

Over the past 20 months, HolyHell, the female fronted symphonic, power-metal band has worked through many obstacles to bring fans Darkness Visible.

In July of 2012, HolyHell separated from it’s label and management, stopping all public band activity while, Maria Breon and HolyHell bandmates committed to the re-recording of their album Darkness Visible under new management and distribution.

While the band is currently working together to perform live and release the re-recorded Darkness Visible, they are also announcing their fan-based legion in thanks to each and every fan for supporting them, along with a free download of HolyHell unreleased bonus track 'Invictus'.

Francisco Palomo, HolyHell's musical director and keyboardist, who like in the past is in charge of all musical production, begins by saying “Everybody is performing their best with results that are killing anything we have done. 'Invictus' has a clear message and we along with all our fans are fighting for it.”

Guitarist Joe Stump adds: "It’s nice to be getting back to the business of working on the new HolyHell material, and it goes without saying that it`s long overdue, but the good news is that most of our long awaited second record has already been re-tracked and it`s shaping up to be head and shoulders above anything we`ve done previously. 'Invictus' is just a small bonus and it’s killer.”

“We all knew something dark was happening and that we had to move on to make things work, and of course stay silent. The details give life to something very undeserving, instead we put that energy into the music and towards the fans,” says frontwoman Maria Breon. “One thing is for sure, we have learned who our supporters are, and for that we are extremely grateful.”

The band is currently in rehearsals and working to promote their upcoming release Darkness Visible. For all updates and band info visit holyhellband.com.

For a free download of the entire song 'Invictus' go to this location.

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