INSIDIOUS DISEASE Discuss Band History In New After Death Album Trailer; Video

September 10, 2020, 14 days ago

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INSIDIOUS DISEASE Discuss Band History In New After Death Album Trailer; Video

Norwegian death metal beasts Insidious Disease, featuring current/former members from Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Susperia and Napalm Death, will release their first album in a decade, After Death, on October 30 via Nuclear Blast.

In a new trailer released today, the band discuses their storied past and the journey that's led them to one of the most ferocious records this year. Watch below:

Sonically inducing a depraved and morbid condition of the mind, Insidious Disease returns this fall to present their second full length album. Freshly signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the band convenes to create a modern venture into classic death metal. Still in the early stages of existence with only their debut album Shadowcast (2010) preceding, Insidious Disease are ripe with a hellish energy that seeks to sear its way across the universe of heavy metal.

“It’s not supposed to be re-inventing the wheel or anything, it’s just about finding a good groove that we feel comfortable with,” explains guitarist Silenoz.

Pre-order your copy of After Death in the format of your choice here. Pre-save the album on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer here.

After Death tracklisting:

"Soul Excavation"
"Divine Fire"
"Unguided Immortality"
"Invisible War"
"Born Into Bondage"
"Enforcers Of The Plague"
"An End Date For The World"
"Nefarious Atonement"
"Secret Sorcery"

"Betrayer" lyric video:

"Enforcers Of The Plague" visualizer:


Marc Grewe - Vocals
Silenoz - Guitar
Cyrus - Guitar
Shane Embury - Bass
Tony Laureano - Drums

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