KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY's Advice To New Bands - "Go Out And Play For People And The Word Will Spread; That's How You Start It Off"

September 14, 2016, 2 years ago

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KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY's Advice To New Bands - "Go Out And Play For People And The Word Will Spread; That's How You Start It Off"

KISS frontman Paul Stanley is featured in a new interview with Tony Tone and Wes Jordan at Vintage Sound 93.1 FM, conducted on August 26th. He discusses the band's Las Vegas residency in November 2014, the music he's currently listening to, and the challenges faced by new bands trying to break through in 2016 

Once upon not yet, long ago someday... in 1981 KISS released Music From The Elder, a left-turn concept album that in short order was dismissed by critics and fans alike. Now, 35 years later, Odyssey, the latest book from KissFAQ Publishing, is set to shine the spotlight back on the most controversial and mysterious album in the KISS catalog. Co-authored by Tim McPhate and Julian Gill, Odyssey will be published September 16th to coincide with the 35th anniversary of a specific date in the history of Music From The Elder, with the significance of the date to be revealed via the book's Facebook page.

A new trailer for the upcoming book can be found below.

Through a series of more than 30 long-form interviews and more than 10 topical features, Odyssey offers the definitive examination of KISS' lone concept album, which has attained cult-classic status among a segment of diehard KISS fans, and an unobstructed window into arguably the most fascinating period in KISStory.

A full listing of interview participants is below:

- Marty Cohen (early bandmate of Gene Simmons)
- Dennis Woloch (art director)
- Bill Finneran ("The Elder" door maker)
- David M. Spindel (photographer)
- Waring Abbott (photographer)
- Rob Freeman (engineer)
- John Storyk (Ace In The Hole Studio designer)
- Michael McCarty (uncredited engineer)
- Kevin Doyle (engineer)
- Corky Stasiak (engineer)
- Brian Christian (co-producer)
- Charles McCracken (American Symphony Orchestra member)
- Bruce Gowers (video director)
- Paul Flattery (video director)
- Jerry Watson (director of video photography)
- Ida Langsam (former KISS publicist)
- Melanie Chartoff ("Fridays" cast member)
- Ty Tabor (guitarist, King's X)
- Chuck Klosterman (bestselling author)
- Bas Hartong (former Phonogram International executive)
- Jerry Jaffe (former PolyGram executive)
- Chip Taylor (former PolyGram head of A&R)
- Christopher K. Lendt (former Glickman/Marks executive)
- Mark Ravitz (KISS stage designer)
- Kate Parker/Jennifer Parr (daughters of Antony Parr, spoken word actor)
- Chris Makepeace (spoken word actor)
- Tim Trombley (production coordinator)
- John Picard (guitarist, The Kings)
- Tony Powers (songwriter)
- Bob Ezrin (producer)

Ranging from legendary producer Bob Ezrin and songwriter Tony Powers to former PolyGram record label executives Jerry Jaffe and Chip Taylor, "Elder" door maker Bill Finneran and spoken word contributor Christopher Makepeace, the book's interviews were conducted with individuals who either worked on the project or have a connection of sorts, including professionals who have never told their "Elder story." With additional interviews with individuals such as Emmy-wining video director Bruce Gowers, Fridays cast member Melanie Chartoff, KISS And Sell author Christopher K. Lendt, and a variety of the album's engineers, readers will gain unique perspectives regarding the album's creative process, commercial release and legacy, in addition to fun anecdotes and recollections.

The topical features in Odyssey will shed more light on KISS' activity in 1981 and early 1982 and dissect the album further with in-depth musical analysis, including a comprehensive summary of the album's 11 tracks, an overview of the history of the concept album as an art form, a look at the studios utilized for "The Elder," biographical information on the album's participants, details on the aborted companion "Elder" film, and much more.

No KISS fan’s book collection is complete without Odyssey, the definitive examination of Music From The Elder.

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