KISS' Music From The Elder Door Maker Bill Finneran - "It Was Rare That Anyone Wanted To Make A Prop For An Album Cover"

November 5, 2012, 6 years ago

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In conjunction with their month-long NovElder retrospective, KISS FAQ has issued an interview with Manhattan Model Shop's Bill Finneran, who discusses the creative process and construction of the door prop used for the album cover for KISS’ 1981 Music From The Elder. This marks the first time in KISStory Finneran has commented on his role on the project.

The following is an excerpts from Finneran's interview with KissFAQ's Tim McPhate:

Q: I spoke with Dennis Woloch, who was the art director for Music From The Elder. Dennis mentioned he got in touch with you to work on the project. Do you remember anything about your initial conversation?

A: "Yeah, he was a big tall guy. We talked on the phone first and then he came down to the studio and we talked about what he wanted to do. From our point of view, [the job] was very straightforward, in terms of the technical aspects of it. It was like a lot of props we had made. We were not technically involved in doing album covers. It was rare that anyone wanted to make a prop for an album cover. You know, they were almost always location shots with talent. So it was an unusual thing, but we were quite interested in doing it. The techniques we used we had used in other similar projects. The nice thing about our business for all the hundreds of years we've been doing it is it's rare that the same thing comes up twice. The projects are always quite unique. They share certain technical categories with other similar projects but they're all very different. And this one was the same, it was very different. We never did anything like it again. I don't think we ever did another album cover, to be honest with you. I can't think of one."

Read the full interview here.

KissFAQ also recently published an updated KISS Album Focus, a feature detailing anything and everything you'd want to know about Music From The Elder. Check it out here.

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