KISS On Social Distancing Due To Coronavirus - "The Only Way Is The Lonely Way"

March 19, 2020, 4 months ago

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KISS On Social Distancing Due To Coronavirus - "The Only Way Is The Lonely Way"

Speaking with Rolling Stone, KISS icons Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons reported on how they’re spending their unplanned time off and just how seriously they want their fans to take the Coronavirus.

Rolling Stone: What are you doing with your unexpected time at home?

Gene Simmons: "Staying at home with (my wife) Shannon (Tweed]). Sometimes my children, Nick and Sophie, come by with food. Otherwise, we go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, where there are few other people. And, of course, it’s an opportunity to binge-watch all sorts of shows we would normally not get a chance to watch."

Paul Stanley: "I’m watching news updates, playing the guitar, tweaking Soul Station album mixes, checking in on friends, and trying to keep things as normal and fun for my family."

Rolling Stone: What would you like to tell your fans?

Paul Stanley: "Be as safe as you can for your sake and the sake of everyone around you. This isn’t a time to be casual or make unqualified judgements. There’s far more to this than simply looking at recovery or mortality percentages. We’ll get through this."

Gene Simmons: "I would like to wish everyone good health and remind them that 'the only way is the lonely way.' Just like your favorite TV show, you can assume everybody out there is a zombie, and one contact will turn you into a zombie. Stop hanging out with everybody. Stay at home, if you can. This too shall pass, but it will take a long time. It could last months and months. So get used to FaceTime, binge-watch your favorite shows, workout at home. And stay away from everybody else."

KISS have announced the the final three shows of the spring leg of their End Of The Road tour are being rescheduled out of an abundance of caution. Tulsa, OK will now be Sunday, October 4 at BOK Center; Biloxi, MS will now be Tuesday, October 6 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum; and Lafayette, LA will now be Wednesday, October 7 at Cajundome.

Tickets will be honoured on the new date. The fall leg of the tour remains unchanged.

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