KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Vocalist Brittany Paige - "I Am Who I Am And This Is My Voice; If It’s Not Bad-Ass Enough For Some People, That’s Just Too Bad"

July 10, 2011, 8 years ago

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In a recent interview with BW&BK; scribe Carl Begai, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS vocalist Brittany Paige discussed the change in her vocal style since the recording of the band's 2010 debut, Out Of The Pit. Her new and improved vocals can be heard below in the new song 'Welcome To My Funeral', the second track on the band's forthcoming album, Visionary.

"When we did the first album I had really created a character voice for myself," Paige reveals. "I thought I needed to be more interesting, more different. By the end of the summer tour in 2010, there was almost no shred of made-up character. Through touring I was becoming more comfortable, and show-by-show being more myself. Not to mention my singing style started to hurt my vocal chords because it was a compromised sound. In the writing of this album, I let go of the mask and thought, ‘You know what? I am who I am and this is my voice. Why am I hiding? If it’s not bad ass enough for some people, that’s just too bad because I can’t change who I am.’ So I was ready to sing for real.”

“This is my voice, it’s always been this way, and I’ve never felt happier knowing that we’re going to release a completely authentic product regardless of if it receives positive or negative response. You have so much time to think on tour and hang out with yourself, it was all part of growing and learning more internally. I constantly want to grow and improve. Always.”

Go to this location for the complete story. Check out Paige's vocal evolution below.

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