LORD OF THE LOST - Swan Songs II Track-By-Track Video #2 Posted

October 12, 2017, a year ago

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LORD OF THE LOST - Swan Songs II Track-By-Track Video #2 Posted

Lord Of The Lost have released a second track-by-track video in support of their new album, Swan Songs II album, out now via Napalm Records. The clip is available for streaming below.

With their Swan Songs-series, Lord Of The Lost showcase their ability to create fascinatingly heavy classical music. This is the second time the Hamburg-based dark rockers have conjured their music with an ensemble album in such grandiose style. Swan Songs II features some of the finest dark rock-sinfonia coated by dramatic arrangements with a chamber orchestra.

A true opus featuring ten brand-new songs, which showcase tender strings and charming piano play with a heaviness one has come to expect from the band. Once more Lord Of The Lost manage to deliver their songs with a new beauty and gloss, and prove that they cannot be reduced to their brute site only. Swan Songs II is a touching creation with top arrangements.

Swan Songs II is available as CD Digi Pack, LP Gatefold or Digital Download. Order here.

Swan Songs II tracklisting:

“Waiting For You To Die”
“The Broken Ones”
“My Better Me”
“Wander In Sable”
“The Devil You Know”
“We Were Divine”
“From The Brink Of The Other World”
“Fall Asleep”

Track-by-track Part 1:

Track-by-track Part 2:

“The Broken Ones” video:

“Lighthouse” video:

“Waiting For You To Die” lyric video:

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