LUMSK To Issue Troll Album In June

April 28, 2005, 14 years ago

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LUMSK are set to release their new album, Troll, on June 6th through Tabu Recordings.

Troll is as a massive production, including guest performances by Andreas Elvenes (THE 3RD & THE MORTAL), a string quartet and horn blowers and the all female choir EMBLA.

The album’s lyrics were written by Norwegian scribe Birger Sivertsen and his wife Kristin. Sivertsen has written several pieces that include Norwegian mythology, and this was the main

reason why the band felt that a cooperation would push the album to a level of exceptional quality on all the different levels.

Sivertsen has written eight pieces based on old tales, mythological creatures and Norwegian folklore.

Lumsk won the By:Larm scholarship 2005 consisting of NOK 500.000 in value. According to the jury, “Lumsk is one of the most promising bands we have in Norway today.”

Lumsk swept all doubt aside, and left the jury in a state of shock when they went to check out the band perform live. The jury consisted of, among others, Danny Young (GLUECIFER) and Thomas Feldberg (WE) who had the following comment: “They blew our heads off, and hit us straight in the


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