MAX CAVALERA – “Max Would Tell A Young Igor And Max To Get Ownership Of The Name SEPULTURA”

March 10, 2018, a year ago

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MAX CAVALERA – “Max Would Tell A Young Igor And Max To Get Ownership Of The Name SEPULTURA”

Soulfly’s Max Cavalera was a guest on Broken Neck Radio and said if he could, he would tell his younger self and brother Igor to get ownership of the name Sepultura.

Max also responded to a possibility of another Nailbomb album saying “never say never.”

Announced a while back, on this very special tour Soulfly will be performing as Nailbomb and playing Point Blank in full... for the first time ever in Canada.

Point Blank is the sole studio release from Max Cavelera’s 1994 industrial sludge/groove side project Nailbomb, featuring Fudge Tunnel singer/guitarist Alex Newport.

"My wife Gloria came up with the idea and I thought it was great," Cavalera says. "We're doing it because my other band Cavalera Conspiracy recently played [the Sepultura album] Roots on [The Return To Roots] tour and it was so great and successful. People really liked the nostalgic feeling, so we talked about what we could have Soulfly do that would be kind of like that. And we decided on Nailbomb."

The roots of Nailbomb can be traced back 1994, when Sepultura were touring behind the previous year's Chaos A.D. album, with support from Nottingham, England, sludge/noise band Fudge Tunnel. While they were on the road, Gloria Cavalera's stepdaughter, Christina, started dating Newport. After the tour, the couple moved to Phoenix near the Cavaleras. Max liked Newport, so the two hung out and soon started jamming.

"I loved the ultra-heavy guitar tones on Fudge Tunnel's [1991 album] Hate Songs in E Minor and Alex showed me how he plays them," Cavalera says. "And Alex asked me if I could show him how to play the really fast thrash riffs from albums like [1991's] Arise. We were just having fun. We didn't have any plan to make a record."

But the jam sessions soon evolved into the duo writing original songs, which would eventually make up the 13 tracks included on Point Blank - a cult record that stands the test of time and sounds as good today as it did in 1994.

Find Soulfly's live itinerary here.

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