MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON Talks Songwriting For METAL ALLEGIANCE - "These Are Not Internet Records; It's Important For Us To Gather In A Room And Work On The Songs Together" (Audio)

September 11, 2018, 4 months ago

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MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON Talks Songwriting For METAL ALLEGIANCE - "These Are Not Internet Records; It's Important For Us To Gather In A Room And Work On The Songs Together" (Audio)

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson recently spoke with Australia-based Sticks For Stones to discuss the making of the new Metal Allegiance album, Power Drunk Majesty. Check out the interview below.

Metal Allegiance have released a track video for "The Accuser" featuring The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad, featured on their sophomore album Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty, out now via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Trevor Strnad comments, "I am super honoured to have been asked to join Metal Allegiance as a guest vocalist for the track 'The Accuser'! The list of greats that have contributed to this union of might and metal over the course of these two albums is truly staggering. To be considered a peer to any of these musicians is a high bench mark for achievement. I spit out my coffee when I saw that they chose the song I contributed to to be the opening track for the album… I was simply shocked!"

Alex Skolnick states, "We’d been searching all over for a vocalist on our opening track 'The Accuser' - someone who fit the tune but who could also kick off this album right. One day, while getting ready to go on at Ozzfest/Knotfest, I heard The Black Dahlia Murder way off in the distance - Trevor Strnad was using many vocal tones and a few felt perfect for the song. I suggested him to Mark, and as it turned out, we not only found the right guy for our most aggressive track yet, we also got to bring someone from a new generation of metal into the fold; it’s great to have him on board.“

"The vocalist for ‘The Accuser’ had to fit a certain mold and sing these lyrics with honest conviction - he or she had to be willing to dig deep and understand what we were speaking of lyrically," comments Mark Menghi. "Enter Trevor Strnad, who absolutely nailed it. It seems that in today’s society, it’s very easy to blame a person (or persons) for something in order to save their own ass and cover-up their own lies with heinous accusations. Someone once told me that the greatest fiction novels are the ones with the most detail; unfortunately that’s how society works today and it’s sad for the people that truly need the help.”

The list of musicians for Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty include Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), John Bush (Armored Saint), Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (Overkill), Mark Tornillo (Accept), Max Cavalera (Soulfly), Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth). It also marks the return of Mark Oseguesda (Death Angel) and Troy Sanders (Mastodon).

Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty was produced by Mark Menghi and Alex Skolnick while Mark Lewis of MRL Studios handled the mixing and mastering. The cover artwork was created by renowned artist Marcelo Vasco and Rafael Tavares.

Order the album here.

Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty is available in the following formats:

- CD Digipak
- Orange with Black splatter vinyl – limited to 500
- Beer with Blue splatter vinyl – limited to 500
- Yellow Cassette
- T-shirt + CD digi + Patch bundle


"The Accuser" (feat. Trevor Strnad)
"Bound By Silence" (feat. John Bush)
"Mother Of Sin" (feat. Bobby Blitz)
"Terminal Illusion" (feat. Mark Tornillo)
"King With A Paper Crown" (feat. Johan Hegg)
"Voodoo Of The Godsend" (feat. Max Cavalera)
"Liars & Thieves" (feat. Troy Sanders)
"Impulse Control" (feat. Mark Osegueda)
"Power Drunk Majesty (Part I)" (feat. Mark Osegueda)
"Power Drunk Majesty (Part II)" (feat. Floor Jansen)

"Bound By Silence" video:

"Voodoo Of The Godsend" lyric video:

"Mother Of Sin" video:


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