MISFITS - Video Trailer Released For Limited Edition Walk Among Us Vinyl Reissue

October 2, 2018, 9 months ago

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MISFITS - Video Trailer Released For Limited Edition Walk Among Us Vinyl Reissue

Walk Among Us, the 1982 full-length classic from the Misfits, will be reissued on vinyl by Earache Records on November 30th, with six different colours of vinyl available, limited to 300 each, exclusively from Earache’s webstore.

Officially licensed from Warner Music, the audio for this vinyl is taken from the original master tapes, which have been supplied directly from Warner. Coming in a brand new sleeve variant, with a green logo and a pink sky, the vinyl will be pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl, 350gsm heavyweight sleeve and will surely be considered the definitive vinyl edition of this punk classic.

For years, many long-time Earache fans have wondered what would be given the highly coveted MOSH666 catalog number. The answer is here, and it's hard to think of a more fitting and appropriate album for this release.

As an added bonus, we have 1500 deluxe 12" x 12" art cards featuring 'Cave Silhouette #2', an alternate image that was considered for the original cover of Walk Among Us, taken by Eerie Von during the Cave Session in upstate New York, August 1981. Originally unused due to the low light and slightly out of focus shot, it has now been restored by Laura Jay for Eerie Von's upcoming book of photography, Misery Perfectum. These art cards will be included for free with the first 1,500 orders.

Vinyl colours - limited to 300 each:

• ’20 Eyes’ Clear
• ‘Martian’ Green
• ‘Devil’s’ Purple - SOLD OUT
• ‘Hatebreeder’ Red
• ‘Hell’ Orange
• ‘Skull’ White


Side A:

"20 Eyes"
"I Turned Into A Martian"
"All Hell Breaks Loose"
"Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight" - Live

Side B:

"Night Of The Living Dead"
"Violent World"
"Devils Whorehouse"
"Astro Zombies"


Featured Audio

SABATON – “Great War” (Nuclear Blast)

SABATON – “Great War” (Nuclear Blast)

Featured Video

GREYSTONE CANYON Premiere "Path We Stray"

GREYSTONE CANYON Premiere "Path We Stray"

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