MORIFADE - Jesper Johansson Explains Departure From Band

October 11, 2005, 13 years ago

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The official MORIFADE website ( has been updated with the following message from “ousted” guitarist Jesper Johansson, explaining his departure from the band.

Johansson’s statement reads: “After more than ten years and as the founding member/creator of the band I was requested to end my days as composer/guitarist in Morifade. There were no other choices and now I’m leaving a big part of my life behind me, but certainly for something better. It's been a long journey through both good & bad memories. I’ve also seen, learned & experienced a lot of things during this journey, which I will carry with me in the future and here are my last words to the band;

The truth is as mentioned in your statement; the co-operation in some aspects was the major-thing that tore us apart from each other. We’re different individuals in validation of thoughts, interpretation, how to act and handle with things in different situations etc.

So remember, it’s not one persons fault when problems like this appear or grows stronger and not even in this case. Maybe we could have solved it for the better, where all parts could have been satisfied over the co-operation within the band and maybe not. It doesn’t matter anymore and I think this solution of the problem was the best of choices for both parts. A new chapter in life begins and we’ll see where it leads us.

Thanks to my family, friends and all wonderful fans that stood by me through all these years — I love you. Keep your ears and eyes open for my next group, project or whatever it will be. I have my vision, I won't give up making music, and so at last but not least – you haven't heard the last from me!”

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