MYRATH Streaming New Song “Stardust”

July 30, 2019, a year ago

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MYRATH Streaming New Song “Stardust”

Myrath are streaming the new song “Stardust”, featured on the power prog band's new album, Shehili, out now via earMusic. Listen below, and get the album here.

Myrath's heritage and willingness to infuse their influences with the historic music of their homeland is what sets them apart. The sounds of Tunisia are that of Arabic and Asian folk music, which can be readily heard in the rhythms, segues, and choruses of Myrath's compositions.

Shehili is innovative, yet loyal to the band's signature sound. It establishes contrasts between uplifting melodies and thoughtful, and, at times, heartbreaking lyrics. The best example of this duality can be found in Shehili's first single "Dance," the video of which was a sequel to "Believer." The "Dance" video tallied more than a million views in the first five weeks of release.

As singer Zaher Zorgati says, "The purpose of our music is to induce happiness and joy, to pay tribute to those who refuse to fall or to stop hoping, even in a world filled with hatred and uncertainty."

Shehili, although produced with extreme care, keeps a very natural and organic flavor. The recordings took place in Hamburg, Germany, Tunisia, and France to make sure every single note found its way into the mix. Shehili was mixed by three different producers, including Kevin Codfert, Eike Freese, and the world-famous Jens Bogren (who already worked on Legacy), in order to give each song the best possible treatment and make it shine.


“Asl (Intro)”
“Born To Survive”
“You’ve Lost Yourself”
“Wicked Dice”
“Monster In My Closet”
“Lili Twil”
“No Holding Back”
“Darkness Arise”


"Born To Survive" video:

“No Holding Back” video:

“Dance” video:

(Photo - Nidhal Marzouk)

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