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NEXT TO NONE Drummer MAX PORTNOY - "My Biggest Influences Are DREAM THEATER And SLIPKNOT" recently caught up with Max Portnoy, the son of drum legend Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs, ex-Dream Theater) - to discuss the new Next To None album A Light In The Dark. An excerpt is available below.

Q: There are elements of progressive metal, extreme metal (with occasional guttural vocals) and some modern metal touches as well, what is some of the music that helped shape “A Light in the Dark”

MP: "For me, my biggest influences are Dream Theater and Slipknot, but there are some other influences like Metallica and Pantera. I’ve always listened to Slipknot and they have always been my favorite band. I go downstairs to my drum kit all the time and just play along to 'Eyeless' and 'People = Shit', but I also play along to other music as well, for examples I already know 'Panic Attack' and 'Peruvian Skies' by Dream Theater and I’m currently learning 'Honor Thy Father' and even 'Subdivisions' by Rush. Playing along to other bands is a huge part of what influences me to create my own music, even with watching movies or watching short videos, seeing other people’s creations is really what inspires me to get up and write my own material. But back to the original question, Slipknot and Dream Theater for sure."

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Next To None recently signed to InsideOut for the release of their debut album, A Light In The Dark, on June 30th in North America and June 29th in Europe. The album track “You Are Not Me” is streaming below.

Max Portnoy had this to say about the track: “”You Are Not Me” is one of our heavier songs that shows more of a modern metal side, it is also probably one of the first songs in prog metal history to feature a beer keg being hit with a bat!"

Max Portnoy and guitarist Ryland Holland talk with Metaholic Magazine and about the and having drum legend Mike Portnoy produce the record.

Based in Pennsylvania, Next To None features Max Portnoy on drums, Ryland Holland on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and Thomas Cuce on keyboards and lead vocals. The band have been honing their craft for several years, recording a self-released EP and playing various live gigs, including a slot at the Progressive Nation At Sea 2014 cruise.

Later that year, the band went into the studio to record their debut album. At the ripe young ages of 15 and 16, they emerged with an album they and producer Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Flying Colors, ex-Dream Theater) are extremely proud of. A Light In The Dark also features guest appearances by Bumblefoot (Guns N' Roses) and prog legend Neal Morse.

Drummer Max Portnoy says, "It's so exciting to be signing with InsideOut... the home of the greatest prog bands in the world! We are honored to be part of the family."

Says producer Mike Portnoy, "Producing the Next To None album was like a trip back in time for me. I couldn't help but be reminded of recording my very first album with Dream Theater back in 1988. These boys have talent and maturity way beyond their years. It's obvious in their playing abilities, but I was most impressed with their writing and creative abilities. Six of the songs spread across the album tie together to create a conceptual piece... for a group of 15 & 16-year-olds to be thinking in big master strokes like that is absolutely incredible. They are doing things musically and thematically as teenagers that I wasn't exploring until I was in my mid twenties and thirties!

I must point out that THEY wrote all of the music and performed all of their instruments on the album. I do not want people to think that my role as producer had anything to do with those areas... it is all THEM! My main role was to help them explore the studio for the first time and help them learn the ropes in that department. I couldn't be prouder of this album and think that Next To None represents the next generation of progressive metal."

A Light In The Dark tracklisting:

"The Edge Of Sanity"
"You Are Not Me"
"A Lonely Walk"
"Social Anxiety"
"Blood On My Hands"

Digital-only bonus tracks:

"Fortune Cookie"

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