NIGHTWISH Vocalist FLOOR JANSEN Holding Masterclass In Orlando This Friday

May 7, 2015, 5 years ago

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NIGHTWISH Vocalist FLOOR JANSEN Holding Masterclass In Orlando This Friday

Currently on the road in North America supporting the new Nightwish album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, vocalist Floor Jansen will give a masterclass in Orlando, FL on Friday (May 8th) and there are spots available. details are as follows:

Your Voice: A Masterclass by Floor Jansen

Date: Friday, May 8th, 2015

11:00am - 1:00pm

Location: ALOFT Orlando Downtown - Solar Exchange Room

500 South Orange Avenue · Orlando, Florida, 32801


In this masterclass we will focus on vocal techniques and song interpretation. The technical part can be seen as a check-up: what do you know, and what do you actually use? The techniques are there to keep your instrument healthy and strong and to explore its boundaries.

This session is designed for both beginner and experienced singers who are 16 years of age or older (those who are just starting with a group/choir/band and those who have performed or perform regularly). Experience with lessons welcome but not necessary.

We will sing with the whole group (exercises) and you will also get the chance (option) to sing alone. For more advanced singers, we will focus on song interpretation: can you make the song sound good; in other words 'tell its story?' Plus: pick Floor’s brain! We can work on specific problems; focus on boundaries you would like to cross (higher, lower, softer, louder, etc.).

Each singer can bring one song for practice (have an instrumental ready to work with, either on CD or in mp3 format). We will take the time to listen to a part of it and Floor will advise you on what technical aspects you should focus on and how to work and study to make the song sound better.

Jansen: "You will hear other singers sing and get advice that will also be informative for yourself. If you have specific questions: ask them! This masterclass is there to inspire you to explore your sound, better your technique and to feel the music even more than before. I look forward to singing with you!"

Registration: Email to sign up!

Price: $95.00

The payment can be done with Paypal to (you will need a credit card or your own Paypal account). The payment will insure your spot in the masterclass!

Jansen is featured in a new interview with Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks!, conducted on April 9th in New York City. Check it out below. She discusses the making if the band's new album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful and the last time the band was on stage together:

On April 9th, Finland's Nightwish kicked off their Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Fan-filmed video can be viewed below.

The setlist on the night, featuring seven songs from the new album, was as follows:

"Shudder Before The Beautiful"
"Yours Is An Empty Hope"
"She Is My Sin"
"Endless Forms Most Beautiful"
"My Walden"
"The Islander"
"Weak Fantasy"
"I Want My Tears Back"
"Sleeping Sun"
"The Greatest Show On Earth"


"Ghost Love Score"
"Last Ride Of The Day"

Go to this location for the complete Nightwish tour schedule.

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