Official 420 Million Year-Old Fossil Named After KING DIAMOND!

September 17, 2012, 7 years ago

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A few years back, was contacted by Dr. Mats E. Eriksson, Associate Professor of Paleontology - Department of Geology at Lund University in Lund, Sweden who had named a fossil after MOTÖRHEAD mainman Lemmy Kilmister. The fossil in question (below) is a c. 428 million year old jaw of an extinct, marine polychaete annelid worm found in the Silurian strata of Gotland, Sweden. Its scientific name is Kalloprion Kilmisteri.

Dr. Mats E. Eriksson a long-time fan of the music genre has just informed of his most recent metallic fossil named after KING DIAMOND!

Dr. Eriksson explains: "A cirka 420 million year old fossil organism was recently discovered from Silurian rocks of Sweden and Estonia. It is the remains of a marine worm with jaws. The critter was baptized Kingnites diamondi in honour of Danish metal maestro King Diamond. So, in addition to his obvious place in the history of heavy metal music, Diamond now also has left an eternal imprint in science. Father of this fossil is Mats Eriksson, a metal-loving professor of paleontology from Sweden."

Check out Kingnites diamondi below:

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