OMNIUM GATHERUM Release Home-Recorded Playthrough Video For "Over The Battlefield"

September 7, 2018, 4 months ago

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OMNIUM GATHERUM Release Home-Recorded Playthrough Video For "Over The Battlefield"

One week after the release of their biggest and most infectious album yet, Omnium Gatherum release their home recorded playthrough video for “Over The Battlefield”. Dedicated to the countless fan playthrough videos online, the band decided to do one themselves by simply setting up their cameras at home and shredding through this heroic death metal masterpiece off their newest album The Burning Cold.

Fans are encouraged to join in on the action by recording themselves letting loose to the band’s songs and tagging @omniumgatherumofficial in their Instagram stories! The band will then feature these tagged posts on the official account!

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The cover artwork for the album was once again created by Olli-Pekka Lappalainen, who has been responsible for every single artwork for the band since the very first demo. The Burning Cold was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö and produced and engineered by Teemu Aalto.

The Burning Cold tracklisting:

"The Burning"
"Gods Go First"
"Refining Fire"
"Rest In Your Heart"
"Over The Battlefield"
"The Fearless Entity"
"Be The Sky"
"Driven By Conflict"
"The Frontline"
"Planet Scale"

Track-by-track video:

Unboxing video:

"Refining Fire" video:

"Gods Go First" video:


Jukka Pelkonen - Vocals
Markus Vanhala - Guitar
Tuomo Latvala - Drums
Aapo Koivisto - Keyboards
Joonas Koto - Guitar
Erkki Silvennoinen - Bass

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