Original VIXEN Singer Janet Gardner Issues Update

April 7, 2009, 11 years ago

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Neil's VIXEN Page reports:

On Yedda.com a fan has posted asking what (original Vixen vocalist) Janet (Gardner) is doing now and Janet has replied!

Here is what she said

"Hey, Janet Gardner here. A friend of my brother ran across this, and thought I should answer your question.

First, I want to thank you for the kind words and support. It's people like you who make me really miss singing!!!! Yes, I am alive and well. No, I did not marry Bruce Payne. I am happily married to Andy Katz, who I met during the recording of the Tangerine CD. He engineered part of that CD (he's in the credits), and he is also an amazing guitarist. We have a five year old son named Ryan.

I graduated from the University of Bridgeport in 2005 with a degree in Dental Hygiene (It was interesting to discover that that half of my brain actually still works!), and I practice DH 3 days a week in CT (my son keeps me busy the rest of the time).

My hubby and I have been tossing some musical ideas around, and as soon as we finish some of it, we'll put up a MySpace page or something so anyone who is interested can hear it. I am very happy, but the music has been missing far too long for both me and my husband, so we're going to get back to it!

Vixen?... most likely never again, however, I would work with Roxy, Share or Gina any day of the week! Still love 'em, and they're some of the most talented musicians on the planet.

Thanks again for the support, and I miss you guys! TC, Janet (This is really me, not just some goofball pretending to be me.)"

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