Oscar Garcia And TERRORIZER L.A. To Play World Downfall In It's Entirety At Grindcore 2014 This July; WEHRMACHT, NAUSEA And More Also Confirmed

May 9, 2014, 4 years ago

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Hot off the heels of the highly successful gathering in commemoration of the Grindfather, late guitarist Jesse Pintado, true titans of the extreme underground gather once again to pay tribute to one to of the early pioneers and leading forefathers of the grindcore genre.

Jesse Pintado (Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Lock Up, Brujeria) known for his creative and musical contribution to the grindcore scene (which he coined the term) back in 1983 to describe a fledgling musical revolution that incorporated the extreme aggression of political anarchic chaotic sounds of UK punk rock and the ferocious sledgehammer guitar chord grinding of extreme metal to create "grindcore" shall be memorized by family, friends and fans alike!

This year’s musical event will take place on Saturday, July 12th, what would have been Jesse Pintado’s 45th birthday. This event was inspired and created to gather all who were touched by Jesse Pintado’s human spirit and compassion along with his creative musical genius.

Emma Pintado (loving sibling of Jesse) was moved and motivated to gather all under one roof who shared In the remorse and sadness of the untimely and tragic passing of Jesse Pintado in 2006. Emma Pintado along with close family and friends took their grief and channeled their energy into a positive force to create this celebratory event that will incorporate the spirit and memorialize the Grindcore icon. This festival, entitled Grindcore: A Tribute To The Grind Father Jesse Pintado, will consist of nothing but the heavy hitters of the extreme underground such as:

Terrorizer L.A. – What better way to celebrate the legacy of Jesse Pintado than to have Oscar Garcia and fellow friends play the legendary World Downfall in its entirety. The landmark album not only confirmed the legacy of Terrorizer but also put Jesse Pintado and Oscar Garcia at the forefront of the fresh faced Grindcore scene in the late 80s. Terrorizer split up shortly after its initial studio recording but left the world craving to see this legendary album played in its entirety with Oscar Garcia and fellow grindcore professors to be announced and specially hand-picked by Oscar himself. The world will now experience its first true Downfall.

Wehrmacht – Legendary thrashers from Portland, OR will make an appearance at this year’s Grindcore. A strong influence for Jesse Pintado and many fans of the early 80s thrash scene will also be treated to a short set of classics from the United Shoe brother Scott Peterson will join the band to treat the crowd to 4 highly anticipated Cryptic Slaughter classics.

Nausea – Featuring fellow founding member of Terrorizer, Oscar Garcia. Oscar has been credited for being an innovator in the Grindcore genre and inspiring the grindcore movement with his musical project, Nausea. This will truly be a touching and memorable moment as Oscar Garcia will grace the stage once again and pay homage to his fallen grindcore brother and fellow band mate.

Other acts scheduled include: Archagathus, Phobia, Bloody Phoenix, Luicidal, Murder Construct, War Master, FCDN Tormentor, Bloodcum, Final Draft, Sons Of Satan, Your Enemy, Raptor, S.M.D., Dead Issue.

Grindcore 2014 will not only be an event to remember but also bring together family, friends, admirers and fans together to appreciate both legends and legends in the making under the same sky that raised Jesse Pintado to his status as the Grind Father.

More information at Grindcorela.com.

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