OTEP Talks "To The Gallows" Single - "We Had A Little Bit Of Fun Poking Fun At 'Resident Chump'"

August 12, 2018, 7 months ago

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OTEP Talks "To The Gallows" Single - "We Had A Little Bit Of Fun Poking Fun At 'Resident Chump'"

Otep vocalist and namesake Otep Shamaya is featured in a new interview with Lou Brutus at HardDrive Radio while at Rock Fest 2018. In the clip below she discusses the band's new album, Kult 45, offers her thoughts on President Donald "Resident Chump" Trump being a racist, and her band. Check it out below.

Otep recently unleashed their most uncompromising, candid, all-inclusive and controversial assessment of the current residing political regime that they have ever released - the new album Kult 45. Today, they have released a shocking new music video - pointing a finger at the NRA and their allowance of continued gun violence - for the single “Shelter In Place”. The video, directed by Otep and filmed by PR Brown, can be viewed below.

Otep Shamaya says, “The video for 'Shelter In Place' challenges the NRA’s irrational claim that “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun”. It aims the blame of mass murders of our children in school shootings directly on the NRA, not necessarily its members, but the administration who continue to fight for people on Terrorist Watch Lists to own a gun. Why? It’s my belief the more murders that occur, the more money they make from weapons manufacturers and increases in membership which strengthens their ability to be a political power that continues to frighten the Republican owned Congress.

"The number of mass murders of children in schools by gun violence is our national shame yet the Republican owned Congress (and shills for the NRA) have done nothing, not a single thing, to protect our kids. In contrast, when ONE man attempted to detonate a shoe bomb on board a plane in flight, legislation was enacted to protect people from this SINGLE attempt of failed terrorism. Now all of us have to remove our shoes before boarding a flight. All of us have to be searched and x-rayed.

"Enough is enough. Our children deserve better. And their safety and the safety of their teachers are worth fighting for.”

Kult 45 is available in digital format here, and on CD and vinyl formats here.

Kult 45 was recorded at The Lair in Los Angeles, completely utilizing the same equipment used Otep’s first album, Sevas Tra (down to Shamaya’s vocal microphone, a SHURE Beta 58), in order to create a sound reminiscent of their roots. Kult 45 was self-produced by the band, with assistant engineering from Larry Goetz, Nicolas Schilke and Lizzy Ostro.

Kult 45 tracklisting:

"Hail To The Thief"
"Halt Right"
"Said The Snake"
"Trigger Warning"
"Cross Contamination"
"Shelter In Place"
"To The Gallows"
"Sirens Calling"
"Invisible People"
"Be Brave"
"Wake Up" (Rage Against The Machine cover)
"Feral Oracle" (Bonus Track)
"The Tribe Speaks" (Bonus Track)

Making of Kult 45 documentary:

Otep is:

Otep Shamaya: Vocals
Aristotle: Guitars
Drewski Barnes: Bass
Justin Kier: Drums

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