OZZY OSBOURNE - Never-Before-Seen Photos By MARK WEISS Available In Celebration Of The Prince Of Darkness Turning 70

December 4, 2018, 5 months ago

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OZZY OSBOURNE - Never-Before-Seen Photos By MARK WEISS Available In Celebration Of The Prince Of Darkness Turning 70

Rock Scene is celebrating Ozzy Osbourne's 70th birthday (December 3rd, 1948) with some never before seen photos by Mark Weiss. Plus a special discount just for you!

"We just hit it off right from the start with my first shoot with him for the cover of Circus magazine, I was young and didn't know crap. When I asked him to do something he did it he made it easy for me. He gave me my confidence. He was up for anything including wearing a pink tutu, shaved head, dressing up in drag or hopping around in an Easter bunny outfit. When Ozzy needed a new guitar player; I found him one." - Mark Weiss

With all purchases of Ozzy this week you will receive this free 13 x 19 photo of Ozzy signed by photographer Mark Weiss.

Says Weiss: "Ozzy was a great subject. When I asked him to try something he would always do it, and more.  One of the features that he was going to be in was titled Rock & Roll Yearbook: Class of ‘81. Onstage, Ozzy used to run all over the place and jump up and down like a frog, so Circus awarded him "Most Athletic." I figured I'd take some sports-themed shots, so when I went over to the Plaza to do the shoot; I brought a pair of boxing gloves. Ozzy came out dressed in a pink tutu. He was playing off the same theme, but with a twist. I spotted a pair of boots nearby so I had him put those on, too; a sort of play on Sabbath's 'Fairies Wear Boots'. It was a bizarre scene, for sure."

Mark Weiss continues: "I approached Faces magazine. They were all up for putting Ozzy on the cover, but it had to be different. Faces editor Mikael Kirke and I came up with a spin on Ozzy's last studio album, Diary Of A Madman. It was the May issue, so we thought, Mother's Day; let's dress Ozzy up like a mad housewife. I explained the idea to Sharon. She laughed and said, 'Sure, let's do it.' She came with Ozzy and dropped off a bunch of outfits for him to wear. We were going to start the shoot with some cool rock shots of Ozzy in his stage clothes and then take some pics of him in drag for the cover. While I was setting up, Ozzy said to me, 'What's that, Mark?' I looked to where he was pointing and saw an Easter bunny outfit and white flowered trestle. I realized it had been left over from a shoot that the photographer I shared the studio with been doing. I gave Sharon a quick smirk and then proceeded to tell Ozzy, 'What do you mean, ‘What's that?' It's your costume. We're doing an Easter theme for the cover of the magazine. Let's hop to it and get started'" Sharon laughed and said, 'Have fun, boys! I'm going shopping.' That's when I first heard Ozzy scream, 'Sharrrrron!' She came back a few hours later with baby Aimee and a dress for Ozzy to wear for the shoot.

At the end of 1987, Mark took the first photo of Ozzy's new guitar player Zakk Wylde in his studio in NYC. Soon after it would appear to the world in Rolling Stone magazine for the first time.

"Mark is like a member of our family. I remember meeting him on our first solo tour when he was just a little kid with a camera at the front of the stage. We'd give him an All Access pass. Now he's part of the family. We've had lots of memorable times together. Sometimes he can be a pain in the ass - he's always got that camera and he's always whistling to get your attention. And I go, 'Will you fucking stop doing that?' But it's good. He's one of the good guys. Mark just appears when you're standing around, and you go, 'Oh, there you are!' If we're doing anything and Mark wants to get in, we just let him in. He's one of us." - Ozzy Osbourne

Watch Zakk talk about his early days before he played with Ozzy below, and view all of the auctions here.

(Photos - Mark Weiss)

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