PECCATUM - Release Date Confirmed For New Album

February 27, 2004, 15 years ago

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Ihsahn has personally contacted BW&BK; to give the official news on PECCATUM'S much anticipated follow-up to Amor Fati. This will also mark Ihsahn's first musical output since the Emperor swansong, Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise.

Entitled Lost In Reverie, the third full-length album from the band that many regard as one of the most ground breaking and uncompromising acts to emerge from the phenomenon that is Norwegian extreme metal, will be released in Europe on April 19th through the band's own Mnemosyne Productions and also through Voices Music & Entertainment.

It has now been four years since the release of Amor Fait, and Peccatum is now back as a duo. Since then, Lord PZ has left the band and devoted himself entirely to Source Of Tide. Meanwhile, Ihsahn has written the last chapters of the legendary Emperor story, while Ihriel has released the highly acclaimed album Iter.Viator (Jester/The End Records).

With Lost In Reverie, Peccatum push the envelope of musical crossbreeds even further. Blurring the lines of organic performances and electronics, they indulge you in delightfully bizarre sonic landscapes and set dark music in a new light. The tracklisting for Lost In Reverie goes as follows: 'Desolate Ever After', 'In The Bodiless Heart', 'Parasite My Heart', 'Veils Of Blue', 'Black Star', 'Stillness', and 'The Bands Of This River Is Night'.

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