PENNY FOR THE OLD GUY Sign With Bombworks Records

December 18, 2008, 10 years ago

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Bombworks Records has announced the signing of PENNY FOR THE OLD GUY.

Like labelmates DEUS INVICTUS, the band calls the greater Atlanta area in Georgia home. The metal band with the funny name (taken from the T.S. Eliot poem The Hollow Men) has been playing the southeastern US for a few years now. They began as a brutal deathcore band, but more recently the band has moved into a progressive death / grind direction, with ultra brutal gutterals accompanied with black metal-esque shrieks, dueling guitars that incorporate thrash, death and black elements, and the ability to stop on a dime to play a slower melodic selection before continuing to sever your head from your neck.

The band melds influences from the likes of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, NECROPHAGIST, BEHEMOTH and THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD and throws in their own flair to finish out their brutal metallic sound.

The band will be recording their first full length for Bombworks Records in 2009 targeted for a summer release. Check out Penny For The Old Guy and some of their demo tracks here .

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