Photographer MARK "WEISSGUY" WEISS Auctioning Classic BON JOVI Shots From The '80s

April 16, 2018, 11 months ago

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Photographer MARK "WEISSGUY" WEISS Auctioning Classic BON JOVI Shots From The '80s

From the photographer that toured with the band in the '80s, Mark "Weissguy" Weiss, go to and bid on classic Bon Jovi photographs from the '80s. Mark shares a few memories behind his photographs below:

Mark: "The inaugural Farm Aid concert, organized by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young, took place on September 22, 1985 in Champaign, Illinois. Bon Jovi played alongside everyone from Johnny Cash to Tom Petty to Bob Dylan. It was a great event, with a superstar lineup and a noble cause – proceeds went to American farmers in danger of losing their livelihoods due to mortgage debt. Jon seemed to be coming into his own at that time, and I knew he wanted a photo with anyone that was around that day. I was Jon’s shadow, and whenever I saw an opportunity I set up a shot."

Mark: "The guys came home after finishing the album, and now we needed to do band photos without their cowboy look. Jon lived right across the street from the beach in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, and that seemed like as perfect a spot as any. All the guys came with their cars, motorcycles and girls. Even then, we needed a few more girls, so I walked across the street and pulled a few. We were still in need of a large pair of breasts. My assistant Danny took a walk with Tico across the street and came back with just what the doctor ordered – a hot Italian woman named Angela. Immediately, we knew this was going to be the girl for our cover. I put her front and center in the band car wash photo that was used on the inner sleeve of the final album package. A couple weeks after that, I did another shoot with Angela at my studio in New York. A blue background, a piece of glass, soap suds and some ice to perk things up a bit was all that was needed to do the trick. Angela put on the now dyed yellow strategically-cut t-shirt."

Mark: "The magazines couldn’t get enough of Bon Jovi in those days, and so I would go out with the band on the Slippery When Wet tour for a few shows at a time to get some new shots. To me, having a plane with your band’s name on the side of it was as cool as it got. And to get the opportunity to travel with a band this way was beyond belief."

Bon Jovi was finally honored on Saturday, April 14th at the 33rd annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony treated the audience at Cleveland’s Public Auditorium.

“I’ve been writing a speech like this since I first strummed a broom and sang from the top of the stairs of my childhood home,” said Bon Jovi. “I’ve written it many ways and many times. Some days, I write the Thank You speech. Other days, I write the Fuck You speech. Writing it has been therapeutic in a lot of ways. I certainly see things differently tonight than I would have 10, 20, 30 years ago. In the end, it’s really all about time.”

Former guitarist Richie Sambora added: “If I wrote a book, it would be called The Best Time I Ever Had.”

The band then took the stage for a four-song set that featured: “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “It’s My Life”, “When We Were Us” and “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

Howard Stern induction speech:

“Living On A Prayer”:

“It’s My Life”:

“You Give Love A Bad Name”:

Full performance:

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018 inductees:

Performer Category

* Bon Jovi
* The Cars
* Dire Straits
* The Moody Blues
* Nina Simone

Award For Early Influence

* Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2018 Induction Ceremony will have its television premiere on HBO, and a radio broadcast on SiriusXM. Broadcast details will be announced in early 2018.

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