Pure Steel Records Issue Vinyl Update, Sign WOLFS MOON And Iran's ANGBAND

April 12, 2008, 10 years ago

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BW&BK; has received the following Pure Steel Records press release:

"First the news on vinyl. It was very close to get the LPs of STEEL PROPHET, CRESCENT SHIELD and SACRED STEEL to the Keep It True X. We got them at the pressing facility on Friday morning and delivered them directly to the festival. It was an additional way of around 6 hours. ;-) The PHARAOH LPs were not finished although we tried everything. Most probably they will arrive this week. Thx to anyone that praised the LPs and again big thank to the Keep it True Crew. The next project will be the LP-version of EMERALD's last release, Hymns To Steel. You can expect double 180gr black vinyl, gatefold, 4 or 5 bonustracks and a limitation of 500 pieces. Additionally we will release ICE VINLAND Masters Of The Sea on 12" in a remastered version. But there is actually no concrete releasedate.

There are new bands on PSR too. The teutonic metalheads WOLFS MOON signed to us very short-termed. The releasedate for their 6th album Unholy Darkness will be the 6th June.

We got an interesting band for anyone that likes metal from 'exotic' countries. Bands from South-America are already standard in some collections in Germany. But how many of you can say, I got a band from Iran. Probably not too much. The band is called ANGBAND. The three guys from Tehran are releasing their debut album and you will have to expect no ordinary stuff. Just think of a mix of early ICED EARTH, DEPRESSIVE AGE and ANACRUSIS. The release date of the album called Rising From Apadana will be in the 3rd quarter of this year."

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