RAMMSTEIN Talk Making Of New Album - "Everyone Could Say What They Had To Say; There Was No Holding Back, No Grudges, And No Knives Coming Around"

February 9, 2019, 6 months ago

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RAMMSTEIN Talk Making Of New Album - "Everyone Could Say What They Had To Say; There Was No Holding Back, No Grudges, And No Knives Coming Around"

German crushers Rammstein, who are reportedly going to release their first album in 10 years this April, recently spoke with Louder Sound about the record. Following is an excerpt from the story featuring guitarists Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul Landers:

The ball finally started rolling on Rammstein’s seventh album after a make-or-break meeting in drummer Christoph Schneider’s garden a few years ago. Utilising the services of Olsen Involtini, who worked on Richard’s Emigrate albums, helped kick work on the record up a gear, as well as offering a fresh take on Rammstein’s pounding, industrialised metal thunder.

“Olsen coming in was really interesting, because he changed the energy,” Richard notes. “Everyone was more focused and concentrated. It was a great experience, actually. I was really surprised that everyone was really respectful, and that everyone could say what they had to say – there was no holding back, no grudges, and no knives coming around.”

Anyone who’s paid attention to Rammstein for more than two seconds will know that they’re about as conservative musically as they are politically, and the new record has seen plenty of room for experimentation.

“We tried a lot of different things this time,” Richard notes, while still refusing to go too deep into specifics. “Sometimes we felt like, ‘This could be an interesting song, even though maybe it’s not a ‘typical Rammstein song’. In music, there are thousands of ways to go, and sometimes it’s hard to say (which ways are) the right ones or wrong ones. There’s much more out there than our own ego.”

“The first phase was getting back into the groove of making music again and getting the band chemistry together again, getting close to each other,” adds Paul. “Because the band are not under contractual obligations to bring out albums at any specific interval, this has been more of a voluntary process – following fate, and not trying to determine it. And things are looking good!”

Read the complete feature here.

Rammstein have posted a slideshow on Instagram from their recent video shoot(s) with director Jonas Åkerlund according to the clapperboard in one of the photos. Check it out below.

Åkerlund, who made a name for himself as the drummer for Bathory, has carved out a successful career as an award winning video director. His latest film, the black metal-themed Lords Of Chaos, is due for a February release.

He previously directed the Rammstein videos for "Mein Land", "Ich Tu Dir Weh", "Mann Gegen Mann" and "Pussy"


... no fire, but nuns!

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Rammstein recently checked in with the following studio update:


Check out pro-shot live video of "Ramm 4" below, one of the new songs that will presumably appear on the new album.

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