SEASON OF GHOSTS - New Interview With Vocalist SOPHIA Features "Stories I've Never Shared Until Today..."

December 6, 2017, a year ago

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SEASON OF GHOSTS - New Interview With Vocalist SOPHIA Features "Stories I've Never Shared Until Today..."

Season Of Ghosts vocalist / mastermind Sophia (ex-Blood Stain Child) has checked in with the following update:

"All you need to know about 'Surreal', the past, present and future of Season Of Ghosts in an almost hour long radio interview. Bonus: misc stories I've never shared until today..."

Sophia recently checked in with a long overdue update for her fans:

"I’m pretty sure all of you have been wondering about the future of Season of Ghosts, since The Human Paradox is two year old now. Good question.

As it always happens with music stuff, there has been all sorts of delays, the worst of which is my ongoing health issues. I might tell you more about this on another blog, but for sure it’s been the #1 reason why there’s not much new SoG material out there yet. I honestly did not have the mental or physical strength to compose, to sing or to even talk sometimes.

Also life happens and since I’m a person who seeks personal evolution, I’ve been working on new scenarios, exploring new possibilities, working towards several goals and there’s only 24 hours per day, so imagine. My average working time per day is 12 hours,but I can easily go to 15 hours, depending on the workload. Yes, I’m a workaholic, I’m very goal-oriented and never settle. So I freak when people ask me to 'chill' or 'calm down' or 'go have fun.' Balancing out the stress is really important and I’m guilty of openly neglecting this principle for at least eight years.

Achieving certain goals will allow me to nurture, protect and expand my art, therefore I’ve been focusing on said goals at the expense of music. After all, forcing myself to release a quick album just because I 'had to' would certainly end up in disaster. So I chose to take life one day at a time, in order to preserve my sanity and my music quality.

Things have recently taken a slight turn for the better and I have slowly amassed enough ideas, so the second album is finally taking shape, as a new entity. Like last time, I’m gonna let things flow intuitively and let the music in me find its perfect place. Every album I make has a certain dynamic, an identity that I don’t want to disrupt by overthinking about the current musical trends, or the marketability, or genre cliches. I’d lose my creativity plus I never cared about fitting into anything as a person, so I don’t care about fitting into any musical moulds and presets either. If it feels *right* I’ll do it, even if everyone is protesting against it. Because I *see* it in its final form, I see it into the future (and apparently I’m not very democratic when I work :P).

I don’t believe the coming album is gonna have a solid theme like The Human Paradox, but I won’t know until I sit down and let the stories come to me. Until then, please keep supporting me and Season of Ghosts on this creative journey. Your love has kept me alive all these years, even when I felt my existence falling apart. Thank you."

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