SLIPKNOT Guitarist JIM ROOT Featured In Knotfest Roadshow 2019 Rig Rundown

September 10, 2019, 7 days ago

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SLIPKNOT Guitarist JIM ROOT Featured In Knotfest Roadshow 2019 Rig Rundown

The clip below features Slipknot guitarist Jim Root taking Stay Metal Ray through his Knotfest Roadshow rig used this past summer. recently spoke with Root for the release of the band's new album, We Are Not Your Kind, which came out on August 9th. Following is an excerpt from the chat.

Q: Did you end up writing a lot of songs?

Root: “Absolutely. Clown (percussionist Shawn Crahan) wrote a lot, too. He was in the studio doing a lot of synth parts and percussion and his songwriting was so productive. He wrote ‘Neo Forte’, ‘Death Because Of Death’ and ‘My Pain’. We were able to collaborate, really collaborate, like a real band. Rather than just working on a demo that one or two of us had built.”

Q: You said the last record was rushed, was that just time pressure?

Root: “We had to do everything so quickly. I had a month to put all the demos together and then we in the studio. We didn’t have a chance to let them breathe, for Corey to have time with them and then revisit them. We tracked them live as a band. We haven’t worked in another way since Volume 3.”

Q: When there are so many of you with the capacity to do so much, the role of the producer must be key in making sure you don’t over saturate songs…

Root: “It’s big. Everything we do is a huge endeavour. Greg’s (Fidelman / producer) got a great team and they did a great job. We like to go back to things we did months earlier, we keep our engineers on their toes. We don’t drop in samples. We’re an organic rock band. We want you to hear us.”

Read the complete interview here.

Produced by Slipknot and Greg Fidelman, We Are Not Your Kind follows the band’s blistering 2014 LP, .5: The Gray Chapter, which debuted Top 5 in the official album charts of 19 countries around the world, including the US (#1), Japan (#1), Australia (#1), Russia (#1), UK (#2) & Germany (#2).

We Are Not Your Kind tracklisting:

"Insert Coin"
"Birth Of The Cruel"
"Death Because Of Death"
"Nero Forte"
"Critical Darling"
"Liar’s Funeral"
"Red Flag"
"What’s Next"
"My Pain"
"Not Long For This World"
"Solway Firth"


Solway Firth

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