SLIPKNOT / STONE SOUR Frontman COREY TAYLOR On Solo Debut - "I Wanted This First Album To Really Show Something That I've Never Shown The Audience Before" (Video)

August 7, 2020, 2 months ago

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SLIPKNOT / STONE SOUR Frontman COREY TAYLOR On Solo Debut - "I Wanted This First Album To Really Show Something That I've Never Shown The Audience Before" (Video)

Award-winning singer/songwriter, actor and New York Times best-selling author, Corey Taylor, recently announced that his hotly anticipated debut solo album, CMFT, arrives on October 2 via Roadrunner Records. He spoke with Finland's KaaosTV about what pushed him to make the album, saying that "a solo album is something that I honestly hadn't even really thought about doing until it kept coming up in interviews and stuff."

Taylor: "The more people kept asking me about it, the more I wondered 'If I did a solo album, what would it sound like?' And that's when I kind of realized, 'Man, I've got all of these songs that I've written over the years that don't fit with anything that I've ever done.' They were just good songs but certainly didn't sound like Slipknot, didn't fit with Stone Sour. And I was like, 'This is what it would sound like.'  

Everybody knows that my musical tastes have always been all over the place. I love music, and I love good music. I've always said that every genre has good music in it. So when I hear something that I really dig, I'm really into it. And I think because of that, that has really influenced me over the years, and it has not only influenced my musical styles in the writing that I've done, but also the songwriting that I've done. The only thing I really wanted to do on this album was put the best songs forward. I've got enough material for three or four solo albums, but I wanted this first album to really have that impact, to put the best songs on there, put the best foot forward and really show something that I've never shown the audience before."

Taylor has shared the album’s first two singles: "Black Eyes Blue" and "CMFT Must Be Stopped" (feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie) which are available now on all streaming platforms. Album pre-orders are also available here, with a limited run of signed physical formats available at retail stores (Amazon, HMV, etc) and limited edition vinyl and merch bundles available at A UK exclusive white vinyl version is available from selected UK indie stores and

Each song illustrates the broad musical spectrum showcased on this fiery, fearless rock ‘n’ roll opus, as Taylor nods to lifelong influences ranging from hard rock to punk rock and classic rock to hip-hop. On "Black Eyes Blue", Taylor’s vocals blaze with nostalgia, while on "CMFT Must Be Stopped" his rhymes recall his work on Slipknot’s classic debut and run alongside bulletproof bars from multi-platinum artist Tech N9ne and UK MC Kid Bookie. The track is accompanied by a DJay Brawner directed music video, which sees Taylor taking the CMFT championship belt, while friends such as Marilyn Manson, Lars Ulrich, Rob Halford, Chris Jericho, ZillaKami and more make cameo appearances. Watch it below.

CMFT has been a long time coming for Taylor, with newly written tracks alongside some dating back to his teens. Recorded at Hideout Studio in Las Vegas, with producer Jay Ruston and his band - Christian Martucci (guitar), Zach Throne (guitar), Jason Christopher (bass), and Dustin Robert (drums) - the album traces a wild and exhilarating roadmap through Taylor’s musical psyche. "HWY 666" kicks off the album barreling ahead with a devilish twang, while "Silverfish" peels back the layers of Taylor’s songwriting as acoustic guitars build to a highwire balance of hooks and heft. An ominous bass line gives way to pummeling wah-ed out guitars on "Culture Head" and the moving piano-driven "Home" offers a raw glimpse at Taylor’s immense vocal range.


"HWY 666"
"Black Eyes Blue"
"Samantha’s Gone"
"Meine Lux"
"Halfway Down"
"Culture Head"
"Everybody Dies On My Birthday"
"The Maria Fire"
"CMFT Must Be Stopped" (Feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie)
"European Tour Bus Bathroom Song"

"CMFT Must Be Stopped" video:

"Black Eyes Blues":

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